ZEE TV- A Rendezvous with Geeta Kapur and Ahmed Khan

Author(s): CITY AIR NEWS Feature Desk Masters Geeta Kapur and Ahmed Khan, both renowned choreographers. You’ve loved them when the Dance Ke Baaps charmed you in DID L’il Masters and you’ve watched awestruck as the best dancing moms from...

ZEE TV- A Rendezvous with Geeta Kapur and Ahmed Khan

Masters Geeta Kapur and Ahmed Khan, both renowned choreographers.

You’ve loved them when the Dance Ke Baaps charmed you in DID L’il Masters and you’ve watched awestruck as the best dancing moms from across the country took to the stage in DID Super Moms. Now watch the ultimate face off as they take on one another in Dance Ka Tashan where the nation’s best li’l dancers face off against the nations best Super Moms. How will the winner be decided you ask? The tough and not so enviable task of judging the show falls squarely on the shoulders of Masters Geeta Kapur and Ahmed Khan, who are both renowned choreographers in their own right. We caught up with the two to get their take on the show.

Q: Geeta, you have been associated with Dance India Dance for a very long time and had not done other shows until recently. However you were not a part of DID Super Moms but are now back with the show. Any reason for that?

DID has always been very dear to me which is why I have always been a part of every season of the show. However due to prior commitments I was not able to be a part of Super Moms but I am so very glad to be a part of this show especially because I now get to see these very talented mothers perform.

Q: Geeta, there have been so many magical moments on Dance India Dance all through the various seasons. Is there any particular moment that has been very memorable for you?

Every season of DID has been special in different ways but if I had to pick one I would say that season 2 of DID is the one closest to my heart. After season 1, there were many people who didn’t believe in the work that I had done. There were those who said that I was overweight and that as a woman, I had no right to be on the show. However, in season 2 I had one of the best team of contestants who went out of their way to prove my detractors wrong. Along with my team, they rehearsed day and night to make sure that no one could say anything negative about my work. Every moment of that entire season is very memorable and extremely close to my heart.

Q: Ahmed, tell us, there have been numerous seasons of Dance India Dance, what made you choose this particular season to make your debut?

Dance India Dance has always been close to my heart. I was to be a part of the very first season of the show but it didn’t work out due to prior commitments. I love kids and I cannot say no to mothers. This show had both – kids and mothers – as a part of the show and couldn’t say no to it. I love to be associated with DID since it is such a huge brand. Dance reality shows, especially DID really promote talented kids and give a push to their careers. What I especially love about DID is that it doesn’t just promote the contestants on the show till they win but even long after the show is over, it gives them careers and continues to push them till the end.

Q: Ahmed, now that you have been a part of a few reality shows on television, do you think that you will either produce or be a part of any other reality shows?

I definitely will look at reality shows in the future. These days, television has become really big, It is no longer considered the ‘small screen’ as everything right from the reach of television to its stars are getting to be on par with films. If the opportunity arises, I would definitely look at producing a reality show on television.

Q: This one is to both of you, do you have any favorites on the show?

Ahmed – I think both the moms and the kids are doing a fabulous job on the show with each of them competing against each other. But since I have an extra special love for kids, I am going to be supporting the Li’l Masters on this show.

Geeta – The kids from DID Li’l Masters are obviously very dear to me especially since I have seen them right from the time they had first set foot on the DID stage in the auditions. Watching them grow as dancers and performers is extremely gratifying but given that these moms are so very talented, I am definitely backing the moms on this one and hope that they win.

Q: Viewers everywhere have loved seeing kids and youth take part in Dance India Dance. The latest season of DID Super Moms saw moms take to the stage, what do you think of this concept?

Ahmed – It takes a lot of guts for these mothers to be doing what these moms are doing on television. Everyone knows that kids are flexible and very versatile since they are so young but these moms are really giving these kids a run for their money with their performances.

Geeta – When people think of mothers, they think that the only duty of a mother is to take care of her home and children, but these women are not only doing that but also showing off their talent to the world. I think that is really commendable.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013