Will Rajeev overcome his fear of dancing for Rishabh on Sony SAB’s Tera Yaar Hoon Main?

The upcoming episodes will unfold the final verdict of Trishala’s marriage 

Will Rajeev overcome his fear of dancing for Rishabh on Sony SAB’s Tera Yaar Hoon Main?
Ssudeep Sahir as Rajeev and Ansh Sinha as Rishabh in Sony SAB's Tera Yaar Hoon Main.

Capturing the true essence of a father-son relationship, Sony SAB’s slice of life offering Tera Yaar Hoon Main is all set to go musical. The show has taken the viewers into the lives of the Bansal family members where it highlights a father’s attempt to be his teenage son’s friend. While Rajeev (Ssudeep Sahir) is trying his best to keep up with Rishabh’s (Ansh Sinha) fast-paced life, the show also dives into the khatti meethi journey of a joint family. The upcoming episodes of Tera Yaar Hoon Main will witness Rajeev’s one such attempt to be his son’s ‘yaar’  as he decides to participate in a dance competition with his son, but little does Rishabh know that Rajeev will be facing one of his greatest fears.

For an upcoming dance competition in school, Rishabh decides to participate with one of his family members. His friend, Shubham (Raghav Dhir) pushes Rishabh to participate with his father, so Rishabh persuades Rajeev to join him in the competition. Rajeev, who considers himself a bad dancer refuses to participate initially, but to fulfil his son’s wish, he decides to overcome his fears. In contrast, Rishabh has no idea that his father will be battling his fear of dancing on stage for him. On the other hand, the situation in the Bansal household starts to get serious as Jhanvi (Shweta Gulati) disagrees with Dadaji’s (Rajendra Chawla) decision of getting Trishala (Neeharika Roy) married and decides to confront Dadaji.

The upcoming episodes will unfold the final verdict of Trishala’s marriage, and at the same time, Rajeev will come face to face with his fear.

Will Rajeev be able to go ahead with this dance competition for his son? How will Dadaji react to Jhanvi opposing Trishala’s marriage?

Ssudeep Sahir, essaying the role of Rajeev said, “It has been an exciting week shooting for the upcoming sequence as Rajeev will be facing his fear of dancing. On the set, Ansh and I make a great team so working on this dance sequence has been delightful. The viewers should look forward to some musical and fun episodes. While Rajeev will be facing this challenge of dancing on stage, he will also be seen embracing a modern look for his son. The episodes further will test Rajeev on various levels, will he truly be able to fight his fear for Rishabh as well as stand against dadaji for Trishala. Only upcoming episodes will reveal. So, keep watching Tera Yaar Hoon Main.”

Ansh Sinha, essaying the role of Rishabh said, “The vibe of the set has changed entirely with this new storyline. It has been a great learning as an artist as Rishabh’s character is developing more layers as the story progresses. It is always a great experience to work with Ssudeep and we had the most fun shooting for the scene where Rajeev tries to wear modern outfits for his son but gets caught by Dadaji. We didn’t really have to act. The scene was so natural and funny in itself. I am eagerly looking forward to our viewer’s response to the upcoming twists on the show. I am sure they will enjoy it.”