Why Choose PTE Academic?

Author(s): Karan ThakurPearson Test of English is an international exam which is a computer-based test language test. It assists individuals in gaining proper insight into their hold over the language. The test renders institutions, both...

Why Choose PTE Academic?
Pearson Test of English is an international exam which is a computer-based test language test. It assists individuals in gaining proper insight into their hold over the language. The test renders institutions, both private as well as government organizations in testing the candidate’s ability for meeting the required standard of English language expertise needed for seeking admissions. Not many are acquainted with the test and thus, here in this article, we will render you an elaborate understanding of the test and different aspects related to it.

Pearson Test of English is one of the beneficial examinations for students whose national language is Non-English. It aids candidates in getting a sneak peek of their ability of the English language and assist them in sharpening their skills.

The purpose of the examination is accessing the candidates in aspects of speaking, writing, reading and listening ability. It is extremely beneficial for aspirants who aim to pursue courses in international institutions and universities where English is the first language.

The PTE Academic test is conducted by a division of Pearson’s which is one of the leading educational company across the globe.

Reasons for Choosing PTE Academic

PTE assists students in understanding their hold in the English language. There is a myriad of reasons to choose the examination and how it benefits candidates. Check out below to know why to choose PTE Academic:

Examination is Flexible: There is no stipulated time frame for taking up the examination. PTE Academic is much flexible in comparison to other language examinations. The test is conducted globally throughout 365 days in a year at over 200 centers across the globe.

Results are Fast and Quick: While one needs to wait for a long time for the results, the results of PTE Academic is quite fast and quick thus rendering the candidate’s fastidious access of where they stand in their language proficiency. The results of PTE Academic are typically made available within five business days.

Results are Fair and Secure: The examination is conducted through a computer-based test and thus ensures the scores of all the test takers are accurate and authentic. In order to ensure all the scores are valid, the test centers use modern digital biometrics incorporating different parameters like digital signature, randomized test formats, CCTV, palm scanning and paperless results.

Multiple Test Centres: There are multiple test centers across the globe to take up the test. Their test sessions run over in 50 countries in different parts of the world.

Using the Scores: Test takers can send their scores to as many institutions as possible, without any additional fees liable.

Visa: PTE Academic scores are approved across all the universities. It is approved by Australia and Newland student visa and for migration applications. They are also accepted for student applications by many academic programs across the world.

Language Proficiency: As the examination is based on real-life English skills, the individuals need to communicate effectively in the test by using different parameters of the academically relevant task and measuring the skills in a comprehensive way.

Accepted by Professional Associations: The PTE Academic is accepted by a huge number of professional associations across the globe for registration and assessment purposes.

Section-Wise Details


In the speaking section of the examination, the candidates need to respond orally using fluent speech, vocabulary, pronunciation and correct intonation which can be easily understood by the speakers. Students are tested on their skills of how easily they convey their thoughts and speak about the given topic in the stipulated time frame which is understandable to the audience too. Candidates can check the “Section Time Remaining” about the total time remaining for the speaking section.


This part requires testing a student’s proficiency in writing skills using proper grammar and spelling. The PTE Academic recognizes spelling conventions used across the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and the United States. The total duration for the section ranges from 40, 50 to 60 minutes. You can refer to “Section Time Remaining” for the approximate time left for the writing section.


This part of the PTE Academic deals with understanding the authentic text and reading it fluently. The texts about the academic subjects include social sciences, humanities, and natural sciences. There is no time limit set for the reading section.

Listening Skills

It is another important criterion for the PTE Academic test. It includes the ability to understand spoken English in an academic environment. This part of the examination tests the ability of candidates in understanding the accents both native as well as non-native. The candidates are required to understand an audio and video recording of authentic presentations, lectures, and dialogues given from an academic source.

About the Exam Structure

The PTE Academic tests is a three hours test which is divided into three main sections. The first part deals with Speaking and Writing Skills. The second and third part comprises of Reading and Listening skills respectively. Each of the sections under the test is individually timed and are task-based that comprises of a range of functions and situations one will encounter during the course of study.

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