What happened Ludhiana today?

People in and abroad always remain crazy to know What happened Ludhiana today?

What happened Ludhiana today?

What happened Ludhiana today? Yes. This is the question mostly being searched in google search these days.  

When we put What happened Ludhiana today? in google search it showed the about 5,42,00,000 results. As such one can easily image the search volume for this term What happened Ludhiana today?

Now here question arises why does people search for What happened Ludhiana today? The reason being that Ludhiana city is the most happening city across the State of Punjab.

Everybody knows that Ludhiana is Manchester of India. Ludhiana city is known for the hosiery industry, the cycle industry or the bicycle industry, the automobile industry. Big industrial houses such as Hero Cycles and Avon Cycles are located in Ludhiana.

The city has focal points and industrial areas. What happened Ludhiana today? Yes. Recently, this city was in news because of Hero Motors Company (HMC). HMC has started its new hi-end export-oriented manufacturing plant at Hero E-Cycle Valley at Dhanansu Village, near Ludhiana, thus giving the company an edge in production of premium bicycles and E-Cycles. The new plant namely Hero E Cycles Ltd marks a major leap for 'Make in India' initiative.    

Ludhiana has developed over the period. It is evident from the fact that the city has several big malls, cinema houses, markets, shopping complexes, restaurants, hotels, commercial complexes and so on. This is mere an example. Such industrial and business activities used to take place in Ludhiana city on day-to-day basis. 

Ludhiana city is not known for industrial and business activities alone as this city is also known for uninterrupted cultural and literary activities. Punjabi Sahit Academy is there in the city. It keeps on organising regular literary activities. Besides, many literary organisations are there. 

Ludhiana city also remains in the news for the activities taking place in many other spheres such as sports, education, health and medical care and politics. Social and other activities are also regular features in this city, which is known not only for the industrial growth but also for his historic background. 

Ludhiana city was founded during the Lodhi dynasty which ruled in Delhi from 1451-1526 A.D. In the initial days, Ludhiana city was known and called as Lodhiana- which means the town of Lodhi. In the present times, Ludhiana city is giving livelihood not only to its own residents but people coming out and settling here from other parts of Punjab and even from other parts of the country. Most of the industrial labour is coming from States such as Uttar Pradesh (UP) and Bihar. 

There was a time when Ludhiana city was known for high-rise Clock Tower located in heart if the city. Clock Tower was built during regime of Britishers. Now, there are many high-rise buildings which are much taller than Clock Tower. But, significance and glory of Clock Tower is still here and it still a point of attraction for those coming out of the city for the first time.     

As Ludhiana city always remains in news for one or another reason, therefore, people in and abroad always remain crazy to know What happened Ludhiana today?