Veena recital as part of morning free concerts in public parks held at Melkote Park by Tatvaa Arts

Medicine cures, but music heals: Akhilesh Washikar and Gajender Shewalker

Veena recital as part of morning free concerts in public parks held at Melkote Park by Tatvaa Arts
Morning Live Music Concert Veena Recital organised in a Melkote Park organised by Tatvaa Arts.

Hyderabad: Tatvaa Arts founded by two art lovers Akhilesh Washikar and Gajender Shewalker are trying to make a little difference to tired souls. 
Tatvaa Arts, an organisation founded by them is promoting the public good through art and introduced a new concept Morning Live Music Concerts in Public Parks. It was free entertainment for walkers.
It combines exercise and music and promotes fitness and relaxation, says Akhilesh Washikar.
The morning concert may not be new. But it is fresh, especially in the backdrop of stressful pandemic life. It is important because unlike some of the events held in the past, it is a very concentrated effort, a series and organised continuously for over some time. 
We have enough of Corona and it’s related to bad and sad issues. One year into lockdown, unlock phase, dilemma whether to go for vaccine or not, we have enough of Corona and its sufferings. What people want now is to feel good, feel better and carefree life, says Gajender Shewalker. 
Tatvaa Arts in association with Dr G.S. Melkote Park Walkers Welfare Association embarked on a unique service to society. Serve them through art and music and promote the public good. They have been organising Morning Music Concerts at Melkote Park at Vittalwadi, Narayanguda. Their first concert kicked off on January 24. It was a flute recital by Dr. Ramakanth Katti, an ENT Specialist. Two hundred plus walkers n the audience made their presence. 
The 2nd Monthly concert was held on 21st February. It was a Jugalbandhi of Sitar and Santhur, by Shruti and Shreeja Katkuri. Vijay Panchal and Atharva Bodhankar for Shubhodayam were accompanying artists. More than 300 people made their presence.
Now the 3rd Monthly Morning Music Concert in Public Parks is held today. It is a Shubhodayam-Music Unlock Series -Veena Recital by Shri Sudhakar Rayaprolu accompanied by Shri N. Gunaranjan (Mridangam) and Shri V Venkatesh (Ghatam). About 500-morning walkers enjoyed the music along with the office bearers of the park. 
The Veena recital began with Vaathaapi Ganapathim Bhaje krithi of sri Deekshithar in Raag Hamsadhvani, thaal Adi. 

Which was then followed by Paluke Bangaara Maayena, keerthana of Raamadaasu in Raag Anandabhairavi set to Adi Thalam; Saamaja vara gamana krithi of sri Thyagaraju in Raag Hindola set to Adi Thalam; Govinda Krishna Jai Bhajan in Raag Mohana set to Thrisra Adi Thalam; Venkataachala Nilayam, Keerthana of Sri Purandara Daasu in Raag Sindubhairavi set to Adi Thalam . The concert is concluded with the Mangalam of Shri Bhadrachala Ramadasu. 
Now the concept is being extended to other parks. To begin with, it will be held at Kotla Vijayabhaskara Reddy Botanical Garden, Kothaguda on 21st March at 6.30 am.  
Tatvaa Arts is organising this in association with Telangana State Forest Development Corporation Ltd. And Present "Shubhodayam - Music Unlock Series" Sitar Recital by Shri.Ramprapanna Bhattacharya accompanied by Shri. Thakur Harijit Singh on Tabla. 
The city has about 30 to 35 big public parks well known for morning walkers. We endeavour to reach out to all these parks added the duo Akhilesh Washikar and Gajender Shewalkar . They along with the support from other likeminded people Pritesh Patil and Prashant Serdeshmukh planning big in this space. 
All these are free concerts. They are ticketless concerts. Being organised with a single motive of the public good. 
P. Nagabhushan Rao, President of the park said they were happy to associate with the program. Response from 2000 plus walkers who walk on weekdays and 5000 on Sundays has been very good. 
S Ramesh Yadav, Chief advisor of the Park said they were first among many parks in the city to start this morning concert regularly every month. The walkers are very eager and looking forward to it. Classical Music goes well with our morning walkers he added. 
The Morning Musical Concert in a Public Park is a unique concept offered to walkers to enjoy live music while walking. It has no stage. The performers sit on the grass under the tree in the park and perform. The music lovers either sit on the grass or enjoy music while walking. 
We have suffered enough in the last one year with Corona. If there is anything people want now is feel good and feel great. Medicine cures but music heals. That is what is the concept behind this. It is free to listen and enjoy music concert. 
Music affects exercise and it is your motivation to move. It reduces feelings of fatigue and relaxes body, mind and soul. What could be the best thing to happen early in the morning at the beginning of the day. It increases relaxation. 
How is it possible to offer these concerts fee? Most of the performers are budding artists who are looking for a stage to launch. Though they are stars in their right, this could be one big platform for them. We manage these events with the least possible budgets which are met by the contributions of individuals, art lovers, philanthropic organisations. Initially, the expenses are met by us. And we hope to get some support in the near future. We welcome any individuals, NGOs, Art Lovers and corporate bodies to come forward and take it to the next level says Akhilesh and Gajender.
Medicine cures but music heals. Music can lead to feelings of pleasure, can change thought processes, and can cause changes in behaviour. Music is a stress buster. Ultimately it boosts happiness. 
The people behind Morning Musical Concerts in Public Parks are Akhilesh Washikar, an Art Connoisseur, Gajendra Shewalker, Tabla Guru and Pritesh Patil, a core music lover. 
The duo is behind organising these events are spreading happiness and living as a role model to many.
Melkote Park 14 years old. It is spread over six and a half acres.