Vedic Mathematics Revived

Ludhiana, December 21, 2015: In continuation with the week-long celebrations during the Ganit Week, as a tribute to the great mathematician Sh.SrinivasAiyangarRamanujan whose 128th Birth Anniversary is celebrated as the World Mathematics Day on 22 December every year all over the world; the students of BCM Senior Secondary School, sector 32A, participated in a PPT making Competition on the topic Vedic Mathematics. The students demonstrated the mathematical skills developed by the great mathematicians of ancient India through power point presentations and presented effective speeches about the relevance of these skills even in modern world. Though all the students displayed meticulous work, the following students emerged as the winners of the competition. 
First Prize: Inderpal of IX C, Saloni&Gurleen of X-H and Second Prize: Megha&Shivangi of X-K
Monday, December 21, 2015