UP's first all-girls band to perform in Lucknow university

UP's first all-girls band to perform in Lucknow university
Source: IANS

Lucknow, Nov 22 (IANS) A newly formed all-girls band will perform at Lucknow University's Foundation Day programme on November 25.

Named 'Roohani', the first girls' band in the state aims to send a message of gender sensitisation.

"Forming a band is one of those things that are usually attributed to boys. We aim to change this during the Foundation Day event of the university this year," said Sneha Pandey, one of the 11 members of Roohani.

The band came into existence just two weeks ago and is still being restructured. It is the brainchild of Roli Misra of the Gender Sensitisation Cell at the university.

"I came up with the idea during preparations for the Foundation Day event. Every year, our very fine all-boys band, Rubaru, performs at the Foundation Day event. We thought that the event can be the best platform to send a message regarding gender sensitisation and what can be a better way to do it than a girls' band," she said.

The members of Rubaru also came forward and helped in scouting for talent for the girls' band.

Within a few days, the band began taking shape. Prajakta Sharma, an MA student trained in classical music, joined the band. Simanti Prakash, who has a magical touch on the harmonium joined next, followed by Anshika Shukla, Ishika Narayan who plays the mandolin.

Once the core group came together, the band began practising with the help of Rubaru members and the support of teachers.

"We practise every day and the sessions will continue till the Foundation Day event. We are a new group but it cannot be an excuse to perform poorly. So, we are working hard to put across a good show," said Simanti Prakash.

The group is working on a medley of old songs and also a special piece for their first performance.

"The band is a work in progress but they have come a long way in the past one week. The girls support each other and that helps improve their performance. I am confident that the students will not miss the performance of Rubaru at the Foundation Day event," said a faculty member.