UIFT’S  Third Alumni Lecture on International Fashion Runway

Around 80 students joined the webinar

UIFT’S  Third Alumni Lecture on International Fashion Runway

Chandigarh: Third lecture series ‘Learn the ropes with alumni’ was held today at UIFT &VD with Divya Bhagat. She pursued her graduation and post-graduation in Fashion and Lifestyle Technology from UIFT, Panjab University. After doing her Masters from UIFT, she did a course on Fashion Styling from London School of Trents. She worked as a Fashion Merchandiser in the Garment Industry and is now a Fashion Design Faculty with INIFD Chandigarh.  Around 80 students joined her webinar. She spoke about “International Fashion Runway” to the current students of the department.

Divya Bhagat, shared her journey with the students, what they should keep in mind and practice while they are pursuing their course.She motivated them to learn with in-depth study on fabrics, silhouettes, design, pattern and the making of garments. She also laid importance of doing regular internships so that the academic and practical aspect polishes the learner and makes him/her ready for this apparel/garment /fashion industry. She talked about opportunities that she got at UIFT when she back staged many fashion shows. She also shared her experiences working on different websites, working as a merchandiser and how she learnt about various fabrics and their drapes.

Divya gave an insight about the backend working of International fashion runway shows. She shared her experiences of being a part of London Fashion Week for 3 years, while explaining how international fashion designers work and elaborated the difference between working with national and international designers. Laying importance on Sustainability, she also elaborated how students can do a lot of DIY projects in upcycling of old clothes encouraging them to adapt sustainable fashion design practices. Later  she discussed the importance of social media in the upcoming fashion market.According to Divya “Being focused, working hard towards the goal and knowing the latest are important for a fashion design learner to be successful”.

Dr Anu H. Gupta, Chairperson UIFT & VD welcomed and appreciated Divya for her achievements, sincere efforts and dedication towards her work as a merchandiser, designer and Faculty of Fashion.

Her talk inspired and motivated many students to think about different fields of Fashion Industry that they can take up as a career. Participants found the session  very interesting, informative and had their queries answered from the speaker.