Trump’s visit to India 

Indians hope, it will boost trade and economic ties between two Nations 

Trump’s visit to India 

US President Mr Donald Trump visit to India will prove to be a booster for further strengthening the trade and economic ties and relations between India and US. 

Mr Trump will be in India on 24th and 25th February 2020 and visit three cities in India the National Capital, Delhi; Agra and Ahmadabad, the main city in the western state of Gujarat, where he is expected to address a bigger audience. The trade between both India and US have shown an increase in the past ten years strengthening strategic ties.

India is, after all, the largest open data market across the World. Per capita, more data is consumed in India than anywhere else in the world. For American "big tech" firms, India provides a scale for their products unavailable in any other country. Despite current economic woes, this will continue to be the largest growing and relatively open consumer market for American products and business.

At present there is a need for a serious discussion on establishing and strengthening international alliances to prevent and deal with the outbreak of pandemics, especially on the back of the Coronavirus outbreak. Indians have high hopes that the Prime Minister Mr Narendera Modi will also take up the issues of Immigration Law and other Visas related to Indian Professionals working in US.