TradeIndia to host India’s first of kind virtual Packaging Expo India 2020

The tradeshow will be held during 24th-26th September

TradeIndia to host India’s first of kind virtual Packaging Expo India 2020

New Delhi:  After the immense success of the pioneering COVID-19 Essentials Expo India, TradeIndia has come up with another noble and enterprising initiative. The Packaging Expo India organized by TradeIndia is a virtual trade fair that will prove instrumental in enabling the packaging industry gain a veritable platform to connect with global buyers digitally. The packaging industry, that chiefly constitutes of manufacturers, suppliers and exporters, will receive a great upward push through this virtual trade event. It will help the various players of the packaging industry showcase their products and services before visitors, forge lasting business partnerships, achieve qualified leads and assign distributors.

Conventional export market structures globally are facing stiff hurdles due to the worldwide corona-induced lockdown along with the imposition of travel restrictions to curb the further dissemination of the pandemic. The Virtual Packaging Expo India 2020 curated by TradeIndia will allow countless exporters and manufacturers across India and the world to not only showcase their extensive range of product offerings, but also ensure that the economic activity wheel steadily keeps spinning unto productivity. This virtual trade event will also assist marketers and industry-reps become more efficient and cost-effective in their overall operations by allowing them to engage in a greater amount of business in short time.

With industries across segments transitioning to the online digital realm due to the disruptions ensued by the events of this year, millions of buyers & businesses within the packaging industry across the world are connecting through the virtual medium to fulfill their needs. The trade event is catering to an array of visitors pertaining to the segment that range from traders, end-users, manufacturers, purchasers, service-providers, media, exporters, e-commerce sellers, etc. The event is slated to cover over 26 product categories and industry types that involve packaging.

The seminal virtual trade event is projected to have a gamut of features and benefits such as the presence of prominent stalls equipped with attractive services & facilities. The event will also instill a business appreciation opportunity among local & global buyers by catalyzing direct meetings & appointments with relevant buyers. It will also extend assured solutions to every buyer query and business needs. The event is also set to feature innovations such as live chat enablement & networking facilitation for real-time leads and sales generation. It will also have customized booths with brand logos, messaging, product demos, and digital handouts or brochures. The various digital product launches & platform design are devised to captivate buyers and also resolve the logistics distribution and packaging needs of the associated industry.

Direct meetings between players in packaging materials & machinery and packaging users will help Increase overall visibility for their business while also generating valuable leads and connecting teams with qualified buyers. Through this event marquee trade exposium, visitors will be able to experience intriguing and high-level seminars that will be conducted by acclaimed industry experts. 

While the success of the previous COVID-19 virtual trade event was met with great pomp and joy, the Packaging India expo is widely anticipated to be even more comprehensive and successful than its predecessor. The event is expected to attract over 100,000 visitors to over 120 exhibitors belonging to over 150 countries, The event will see the confluence of participants belonging to over 1800 global cities and 500 Indian cities. The coveted virtual trade event is said to mobilize a phenomenal 40% leads conversion, thus empowering business and sales in times of a pandemic.

Speaking on the soon-to-be held trade spectacle, the spokesperson for TradeIndia Mr. Sandip Chhettri,COO,Tradeindia said, “The unprecedented events of this year have greatly charged us to explore novel opportunities and prospects even in areas which we would have conventionally tended to ignore. The COVID-19 pandemic is indeed a black swan event as it has paved the way for a new era that is filled with possibilities as well as challenges that can only be overcome through innovation and perseverance.

We truly believe that the Packaging India Expo will be even more appreciated and celebrated than the COVID-19 essentials expo that was held this month. This event will prove essential in establishing a unified podium that will address the various requirements of the packaging industry under one virtual roof. The platform besides being an exhibition will also redouble as a powerful networking and interaction by serving as an impeccable business channel for a vast surfeit of suppliers and vendors of the packaging industry. “