Tips to delay skin ageing

Anti-ageing is the most sought-after skin-care regime these days

Tips to delay skin ageing

Contributed by Dr. Sravya Chowdary Tipirneni, Consultant Dermatologist and Cosmetologist, Columbia Asia Hospital Whitefield

Anti-ageing is the most sought-after skin-care regime these days. Little do people know that small changes in products and lifestyle go a really long way in helping us age gracefully. While there are numerous new techniques and procedures that can reverse and delay signs of ageing, a daily regimen is always the best way to start. So here are some tips that you can follow for “Age-proofing” your skin.

o    The easiest and earliest addition of a formula containing retinol at bedtime as prescribed by your dermatologist can work wonders to delay all those fine lines and wrinkles.  It also smoothens out the uneven skin tone including blemishes and sun spots. 
o    The longer you use it, the better habituated your skin gets to it, hence allowing us to increase the strength. 
o    There are numerous anti-ageing creams with different combinations and percentages of retinol with vitamins. Start off early!

o    Crash diets or phases of stress bingeing can have long term effects on both the facial and body skin. Stretch marks are usually semi- permanent and are best avoided by maintaining a balanced weight throughout. These sudden changes can also take a toll on the skin texture and hair leading to an aged look. 

o    This is directly related to accelerated breakdown of collagen resulting in “worry lines”, frown lines, crow’s feet etc. Ageing slowly is related to being happier as well!

o    I always insist on a balance of bright coloured fruits and vegetables. All the bright coloured ones are full of antioxidants and fight all the free radicals in the body that cause damage to our cells and make us age faster. A healthy portion of dry fruits and nuts provides all the essential Omega -3 Fatty acids that our skin needs for that healthy nourished and plump effect. Walnuts boost collagen production. 

o    Regular exercise: atleast 5 days in a week for 30 minutes each does wonders to the oxygen and general circulation of our skin. It also releases endorphins, the “Happy hormones” that bring that glow in your skin!

o    High glycemic index foods increase the insulin spikes in our body leading to acne and faster ageing. Try to moderate all the yummy candies, chocolates and sweets. 
o    Mangoes during summer in India are also a major cause of acne. 

o    Inadequate water intake causes a dull, dry and wrinkled appearance of our skin due to dehydration of cells. A soft dewy texture and glowing complexion is also a result of good water. 

o    Basic sun damage has to be dealt with early on itself. Radiation causes damage to our cells and causes photo-ageing. Many patients don't like thick formulations of greasy sunscreens.  A good non-comedogenic matte finish sunscreen that has good cosmetic appeal works wonders in the long term. Protecting the skin from those harmful UV rays is of utmost importance to delay ageing.

o    Smoking increases the rate of collagen breakdown thereby hastening the wrinkles and early ageing. Nicotine and smoke starve the cells of nutrition and oxygen causing long term damage. Take help and quit right now to improve health and delay ageing. 

o    Don't assume you’re too late to fix these issues. 
o    Of course, the earlier you start the better and lesser maintenance you need. Start off around the 28 yr milestone to look younger for longer! Start delaying ageing, NOW.