Tiny Tots of Innokids attired as Santa Claus Celebrated Christmas


Little angels of Innokids - Pre- Primary Wing of IHS- G.M.T., Loharan and Cantt.- Jandiala Road celebrated Christmas with great enthusiasm. They depicted in a play, the story of birth of Lord Jesus Christ. Kids were dressed up as Santa Claus and gave sweets and other gifts to the children. Besides this, they travelled to the North Pole in North Express made from cardboard .The children wrote their wishes on the slips and gave to Santa and He fulfilled their wishes. The children sang Carols and poems. The children made the badges and put them on the attire of Principal- Mr. Dheeraj Banati and Vice- Principal- Mr. Sharmila Nakra and Incharge Innokids - Mrs. Gurmeet Kaur-G.M.T., Mrs. Alka Arora- Loharan and Mrs. Neetika Kapoor- C.J.R. Director Principal School- Mr. Dheeraj Banati gave wishes to the students on the eve of Christmas and explained the importance of Jesus’ messages and motivated them to help others. The kids were in the mood of festivity for the whole day.

Sunday, December 24, 2017