Timnasa plans to trap baby ghost ‘Pichku’ to unleash ultimate havoc

Timnasa creates a magical spider which secretly bites Baalveer

Timnasa plans to trap baby ghost ‘Pichku’ to unleash ultimate havoc
Pavitra Punia as Timnasa and Pichku.

After Bhayrani Timnasa’s (Pavitra Punia) comeback in Sony SAB’s Baalveer Returns, havoc has redefined itself. The upcoming episodes of Baalveer Returns will witness Timnasa getting even fiercer than before. After poisoning Baalveer (Dev Joshi) with a spider and leaving him paralyzed, she has set her eyes on someone who can be the ultimate catalyst for destruction.

With her newly acquired powers, Timnasa creates a magical spider which secretly bites Baalveer, leaving him partly paralyzed. Unable to heal Baalveer, the fairies and Shaurya decide to get a baby ghost – Pichku out his box who easily heals Baalveer. Pichku a mischievous but an immensely powerful baby ghost has been residing in Veer Lok where he couldn’t be manipulated and misused by any evil. 

While Pichku heals Baalveer, Timnasa, through a magical portal, witnesses the entire act and decides to get her hands on Pichku who can aid her to create the ultimate havoc on earth. On the other hand, as Vivaan (Vansh Sayani) goes back on earth from Veer Lok, Pichku secretly reaches Vivaan’s house on earth. Pichku reveals that he has not been able to go back to his planet and to return, he is required to do one good deed. 

Will Pichku be able to perform a good deed before Timnasa captures him? How will Vivaan help Pichku reach his home?
Vansh Sayani, essaying the role of Vivaan said, “When I learnt about this baby ghost story, it was thrilled and I am sure everyone will love mischievous and cute Pichku. The upcoming episode will witness Timnasa’s deadly trap for Pichku and it will be upon both the Baalveers to ensure Pichku accomplishes his good task in order to reach his planet but it will not be that easy. With Timnasa’s return, the challenges ahead of Vivaan and Debu are dangerous and it will be exciting to watch how Vivaan helps Pichku. On the other hand, it has been exciting to have Pavitra di back on the sets and shooting with her again was a wonderful experience.”