This World Music Day groove to the all-new &pictures brand song ‘On Nahi, Full On Hai’

A full on energetic and catchy track, composed by Chirantan Bhatt of Kesari and Mission Istanbul fame 

This World Music Day groove to the all-new &pictures brand song ‘On Nahi, Full On Hai’

&pictures launches its new brand song, ‘On Nahi, Full On Hai’, co-created with Zee Music Company, on World Music Day to truly amplify the energy and youthfulness of the event. The new song carries &pictures brand proposition of ‘On Nahi, Full On’ forward and intends to ignite the aspirational spark among the young and the restless. It pushes them to seize each moment and maximize on it without ever slowing down. The catchy song is sure to power-up the youth as they groove to &pictures’ tune on World Music Day.

“Laakhon Deewane Mere, 
Millions Mastaane Mere, 
Saare ke Saare bole, Yeh toh 
On Nahi, Full On Hai”


This brand-new song, with its addictive energy and pumped-up lyrics, is sure to blast boredom away. Composed by Chirantan Bhatt of Kesari and Mission Istanbul fame, the song aims to uplift spirits and get you vibing.

Talking about the brand song, Ruchir Tiwari, Cluster Head, Hindi movie channels, ZEEL said, “Bollywood has taught us that there is a song for every emotion and situation. It’s often a means to express oneself. In the same vein, &pictures brand song echoes the sentiment of young India. Adding another dimension to the brand identity, the up-beat and refreshing music is quite catchy and will resonate with our viewers.”

Prathyusha Agarwal, Chief Consumer Officer, ZEEL added, “&pictures is as energetic and vibrant as our audience and the all-new brand song aims to capture this spirit, strengthening the brand persona. With the power of music that transcends language we aspire to maximize the moment for our viewers.”

Anurag Bedi, Chief Business Officer, Zee Music, said, “We wanted the track to be youthful & spirited to resonate with the brand ethos “On Nahi Full on”. We absolutely love what Chirantan Bhatt has created for the channel, and we are looking forward to sharing this Full On track with you." 

Talking about the composition, Chirantan Bhatt, said, “The opportunity to give music for a channel that caters to millions of people who believe in maximizing every moment was an exhilarating experience. The process of creating music for any medium has one thing in common, understanding the audience. Keeping that in mind, the song is set in a fun zone, with beats and lyrics that are distinct and memorable.”