Thefts alongside G.T. Road a matter of concern


Ludhiana: Thefts alongside G.T.Road passing through the city in particular have become very frequent. Industrialists, their employees and others while traveling on some specific routes are experiencing frequent thefts of their bags while moving in their vehicles. Cash and valuable documents are lost in such thefts. The modus operandi of such thefts is becoming prominent on certain routes.
While traveling from Focal Point through G.T. Road via Dholewal to city frequent theft of bags are happening.
Miscreants mislead the car owners through various tricks. They find some opportunities to throw/sprinkle some Mobil Oil on the front of the vehicle. After this they signal to the driver that something is wrong with vehicle. The car drivers stop the car and try to open the bonnet in a panic. The miscreants loose no time to pick up the bag from the vehicle and run away. Assistance in this swift operation may also be coming from others settled there for one reason or the others.
Such incidences are frequently happening after crossing Dholewal Bridge lights. There are hawkers of sorts along the road. Frequent theft incidences are taking place near this place.
Thefts through such modus operandi are taking place elsewhere also. The incidents on the spot mentioned above are increasing by the day.
I express deep concern about such happening. There is panic among the industrialists. Incidentally such an incidence has also taking place with his own son also last Saturday.
Police authorities are urged to ensure frequent police patrolling around such places. It is also expected that police officials may ensure that victims of such theft are not harassed. The workers of the industrial unit concerned should be disturbed the least. Too much panic usually disturbs the industrial peace among the workers.
(The Author P.D.Sharma is President, Apex Chamber of Commerce & Industry Punjab)

Wednesday, June 21, 2017