Tejasvi Surya, MP acknowledges Bounce for helping Bengalurians to make safe move

Rode a Bounce scooter through the roads of Namma Bengaluru

Tejasvi Surya, MP acknowledges Bounce for helping Bengalurians to make safe move
MP Surya on Dockless Bounce Scooter on Bangalore roads.

Bengaluru: Bounce today ran a #SafeMove campaign at the office of Mr. Tejasvi Surya, Member of Parliament, South Bengaluru. As part of this exercise, Anil G, co-founder, Bounce took Mr. Surya through the safety protocols it is following to make its scooters safe for its customers. He also highlighted the focus of the company to move to an all-electric fleet. As a part of this campaign organized by Bounce, Mr Surya rode a Bounce scooter through the roads of Namma Bengaluru to promote the importance of shared mobility specially at these times. Tejasvi Surya’s congratulated Bounce on its safety efforts and complimented its safe, affordable and efficient mobility service that is contactless.
Tejasvi Surya, Member of Parliament said, “Due to the unprecedented COVID 19 pandemic the public mobility ecosystem has faced massive disruption. With current Unlock.1 nationwide commuter are slowly venturing outside. We need to help our citizens by giving them access to safe and reliable commute solutions. I am happy with the Bounce service and the safety precautions. A number of my team members also uses Bounce regularly.”
Each Bounce scooter is treated with an antimicrobial solution also known as Germ Shield that deeply sanitizes the surfaces, killing 99.9% germs including deadly viruses such as SARS. Once applied, the eco-friendly solution stays active for a period of 3 months and will not rub off or migrate onto the skin.
Anil G, Co-Founder and Chief of Operations, Bounce also commented, “In the past, while public transport has ensured that commuting remains within the reach of the masses, there is now an imminent need to reconsider how the public commutes on a regular basis. In a post COVID world self-driven shared mobility solutions will play a critical role, as social distancing and hygiene has become the new norm. At Bounce, we are continuing to provide safe and affordable commute options to help people who are in need of it.”
To give higher flexibility to its users, Bounce is giving its vehicles for long term rental. This plan allow users to keep the scooters for a longer duration, giving them the convenience of owning a scooter without the associated costs and maintenance hassles. In addition, Bounce also has introduced a subscription-based model, Bounce - A (AtmaNirbhar); Under this model, after a rental period of 12/24 months, people will have the option of owning the scooter.
Bounce is also actively promoting micro-entrepreneurship by partnering with kirana stores. This will allow kirana store owners to invest in scooters and rent them on Bounce platform, this supplementing their income. They will also provide parking facility for Bounce scooters, thus helping customers with easy access.