Talk of Hollywood A-listers and International beauty editors – Ultheraphy introduces evolved treatment protocol in India

Talk of Hollywood A-listers and International beauty editors

Ultherapy Merz India Team - Manju Garg, Raymond Ong, Amit Shukla, Vikas Dwivedi.

The talk of Hollywood A-listers (Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox are advocates) and International beauty editors from Vogue US, Bazaar, to Marie Clarie, lift that helps us defy gravity – incision-free, is here in India. People especially women have increasingly been flocking to firming treatments that do not require going under the knife, understandably so, as minimizing complications and recovery time are priorities for leading such hectic lives.
For the first time in India Dr.Tatjana Pavicic - Global Ultherapy Trainer & Faculty of Merz Institute of Advance Studies introduced, uniquely customized treatment packages using combination treatment of Botulinum toxin, Fillers and Ultherapy for fulfilling the need of Indian patients during the DEEPSEE Master Course event at New Delhi organized specially for Ultherapy users in India to aid to their learning on a new Ultherapy treatment protocol and Merz Aesthetics Serendipity Journey (MASJ) treatment packages.
Ultherapy is a collagen boosting treatment and is the only non-invasive procedure FDA-cleared to lift skin and to improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles on the décolletage. The treatment is developed by one of the world’s leading aesthetics and neurotoxin companies, Merz Aesthetics which is part of the global Merz Pharma Group.
The event was organised to provide a platform to Indian aesthetic practitioners in skill upgradation through DEEPSEE Courses offered by Merz India for combination treatment with toxin, fillers and micro-focused ultrasound with visualization (MFU-V) offered as unique Merz Portfolio. Welcoming the gathering & setting the tone of the event Mr. Raymond Ong – Regional Commercial Director, Merz Aesthetics said “Till date more than 1.5 million treatments have been accomplished globally with Ultherapy. We’re very happy to see how it has been received, and are inspired to continue providing patients with more ways to have access to Ultherapy as Merz enjoys 111th year of existence in the industry. Also, as the world of aesthetic treatment is now moving towards a combination treatment approach, we are happy to remain the only company in the world to offer a combination of toxin, dermal fillers and energy-based devices for skin lifting & tightening to the patients”, he asserts.
Merz India Country Manager - Manju Garg said, “Since it received US FDA clearance in 2009, Ultherapy has been improving and innovating with its technology, while still maintaining its unparalleled patient safety and efficacy. It is a great addition to the country's beauty and wellness industry. There is great demand for non-invasive procedures, especially for skin lifting. Ultherapy answers that call for people as the procedure is non-invasive, safe and a natural way of stimulating body’s response to aging and it’s for Indians to try their hands on.
She further adds, “We’re proud how Indians have responded to Ultherapy. Till now it has been made available at more than 20 accredited partner clinics across all metro cities in India and we hope to be able to widen its reach in coming years.”
The DEEPSEE Master Course event saw multiple theory as well as practical sessions by Global thought leader Dr. Tatjana Pavicic, wherein she broke down this beauty breakthrough and why it’s gained a lot of popularity. “Ultherapy’s patented DeepSee visualization technology is unique as it helps a doctor to reach to the deeper skin layers and treating them without any damage to the outer layers. Other treatments either treat on the surface (e.g. lasers) or do not reach to the all the layers where treatment is required for skin tightening (e.g. radio-frequency). These treatments may also not be US FDA-cleared to lift the skin”, says Dr. Tatjana Pavicic.
As a thought leader on aesthetic treatments and regarded as one of the forwards of combination treatment approach globally, Dr. Tatjana has been an advocate of an aesthetic treatment plan customized to the patient’s need.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019