SWAL Corporation introduces Wuxal Macromix -  An Innovative Nutrition solution to combat heat stress on Wheat crop

Increases average wheat yield in Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan by more than 10%

SWAL Corporation introduces Wuxal Macromix -  An Innovative Nutrition solution to combat heat stress on Wheat crop

Chandigarh, May 19, 2022; SWAL Corporation limited, in an effort to overcome wheat heat stress in Punjab, conducted trials of its product “Wuxal Macromix” that aims to combat Wheat heat stress with innovative nutrition practices. The trials recorded a staggering more than 10% hike in wheat yield treated plots in Punjab and Haryana as compared to untreated plots
Since 1981, the global temperature has risen by 0.18 degrees Celsius every decade. March 2022 was recorded as the hottest month in 122 years. It is estimated that Wheat yields may decline by -4.6 % to -32 % as the temperature is expected to rise from +0.5 OC to +2 OC in the future. Wuxal bridges the gap by providing nourishment to the wheat crop at critical phases of development, through an efficient foliar delivery.

131 farmers from Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan participated in wheat trials on total acreage of 3126 that lead to an average incremental Yield of 2.16 Q/Acre. It also increased the income of farmers by an average of Rs. 3,000/ acre. The product is designed to provide critical nutrients, with its revolutionary formulation technology providing the most efficient delivery through foliar means, that helps meet the wheat crop's heat stress demands.
As the temperature rises, the heat levels in the soil and air rise above a certain point, impeding wheat crop growth at all stages. Due to heat stress, wheat yields in Punjab fell by 26% in 2010. Being conscientious of these grave issues, Swal Corporation conducted trials, as an outcome of which the wheat acreages treated with Wuxal in Punjab alone will be able to meet the demand of a population of 28 million by 2024.

Pankaj Joshi -Business Head of SWAL Corporation Limited said, ‘Wheat is an economically important crop for Indian farmers, as well as a requirement for the Indian population in terms of food security. With that in mind, we have conducted trials to showcase the impact of Wuxal that aids in managing heat stress induced needs, thereby increasing eventual yield of treated wheat crop. Farmers are our most important stakeholders, and we are committed to their well-being and prosperity. We wish to better their financial situation through innovation. Wuxal is one such product that would help wheat farmers increase their crop output and profitability. It will also help the country address the issue of food security.’

Harpreet Singh, a Wheat farmer from Muktsar District of Punjab said, ‘We were facing a decline in wheat yield due to the heatwave during the harvest season. The intervention from the SWAL team with Wuxal product helped us manage the stress and get a higher yield of 2.4 Q per acre, increasing our returns from the crop’.

Dr. Benjamin Klug, from AGLUKON Spezialdünger GmbH & Co. KG, the German Manufacturer that has an exclusive tie up with SWAL corporation for India, said - “Year after year, extreme weather conditions become increasingly common. Currently, India is experiencing one of the world's worst heatwaves and this will make Stress conditions in Wheat more prevalent in the future, reducing food supply. As per our research, it has been established that foliar fertilisation solutions like Wuxal can help to alleviate these stress situations and improve yield in the crop.”