Summer eye care tips

Consume enough water and follow some tips

Summer eye care tips
Dr. Vamshidhar, Phaco Refractive Surgeon MaxiVision Eye Hospital.

The season of summer, when the sun shines in all its glory is here. We all feel the urge to indulge in an air-conditioned environment, eating ice creams, drinking juices, wearing lighter clothes, and enjoying the comfort of staying indoors, we often ignore an important part of the body, our eyes. Most people follow strict skin care routines and change diets to accommodate the hot weather while overlooking the importance of considering the protection of eyes during summers.

A range of ailments can arise if the temperatures soar high and therefore taking extra care of the eyes is a mandatory requirement recommended by ophthalmologists. We are currently witnessing an approximately 30% increase in eye infections manifesting as conjunctivitis.

Some common issues also include:

- Unprotected exposure to sunlight: The UV rays present in the sun contain an increased risk of developing cataracts & while also a possible threat to the damage of the retina known as solar retinopathy.

- Direct exposure to UV in sunlight can cause Pterygium- an ailment that leads to excess growth on the cornea.

- Dry Eyes are one of the most common conditions faced by many during summers.

During this season, due to the direct exposure to sunlight & excessive heat, dryness of the eyes results in tear film evaporation from the eyes.

- At our medical center, we also notice a sudden surge in allergic conjunctivitis & viral conjunctivitis

Owing to the above-mentioned risks attached to the eyes during summers, we would like to mention few easy tips to protect your eyes while also continuing to enjoy the beauty of the season:

- UV protection sunglasses can help in protecting any kind of damage to the eyes and also minimizes any kind of exposure to sunlight.

- We encourage people to stay well hydrated during summers by drinking adequate water, eating wholesome meals, and water-based fruits that help in preventing dryness in the eyes, a common phenomenon during summers.

- Artificial tears, lubricants or any kind of substitutes like eye drops helps in restoring the natural moisture of the eyes. Using them during summers is a great way to retain the moisture not just to avoid dryness but also any kind of infections

- Eat vitamin A-rich food such as green leafy vegetables, carrot, cucumber, papaya, etc

It is important to have a balanced diet, consume enough water and follow some tips mentioned above to nurture the most important part of your body, the eyes.

Authored by:

Dr. Vamshidhar, Phaco Refractive Surgeon MaxiVision Eye Hospital