Sony SAB Women’s Day Quotes

`Women’s day is a day to acknowledge, honour and celebrate being a woman in a world full of gender biases’

Sony SAB Women’s Day Quotes
Yukta Kapoor as Karishma Singh in Sony SAB's Maddam Sir.

Chhavvi Pandey aka Maa Laxmi from Shubh Laabh – Aapkey Ghar Mein:

“I think Women’s Day should be celebrated every day, and women should celebrate all aspects of their lives, big and small, including the struggles, because every little thing in a woman’s life makes her who she is. I usually work on Women’s Day so I don’t get to celebrate it in its classic sense, but I celebrate my work and my life every day, so every day is Women’s Day for me. My mother is one woman who I celebrate every day and dedicate Women’s Day to because she has always been there for me and is my pillar of strength. I feel extremely fortunate that I get to be a part of Shubh Laabh, because it has such strong female characters. From Laxmi, Alaxmi and Divya, to Savita and Shreya, all these characters are very strong and give the viewers some very valuable lessons, and an amalgamation of these three characters makes the show very beautiful. I would like to tell all my fans, especially my women fans, to celebrate yourself every day, and not seek outside validation or compare yourself to others, you are perfect and unique in your own special ways.”

Tanisha Mehta aka Shreya from Shubh Laabh – Aapkey Ghar Mein:

“Women’s Day holds a lot of significance in my life and it’s an important day not just for me but every woman out there. One should definitely do things to make women feel special because women are constantly looking after everyone in their homes while also balancing their own lives. I am generally working on Women’s Day but I try to write messages and blog about this special day. I really look up to my mother and my sister because both of them are strong independent women who take challenges head on which is very inspiring and I wish more women got the opportunity to become independent.”

Yukti Kappor aka Karishma Singh from Maddam Sir:

“It feels amazing to celebrate Women’s Day especially when everyone wishes us, the feeling of being loved, celebrated and being recognised for our contribution in society and our homes makes us feel special. I also feel that we should celebrate Women’s Day every day because women fight a different battle every day and it is important to celebrate those struggles and wins every day. Since last year I started a tradition of sending my mother flowers on Women’s Day, which I will be continuing this year as well. I also make sure to let every woman in my life know just how important they are to me, especially my mother and my best friend Antara who have always supported me. I would like to tell my female fans and viewers that women are strong so stand fearlessly and be heard, and wish every woman becomes as brave and street smart as Karishma Singh from Maddam Sir.”

Simple Kaul aka Koel Roy from Ziddi Dil – Maane Na: 

“I think it's a lovely day to celebrate womanhood and hold it as a reminder that women should take out time themselves & love themself. 
Well! I look forward to celebrating Women’s Day with all the women around, friends and family. I don't think it's compulsory to celebrate the day but it’s nice that such days exist where women are reminded of loving themselves and each other & inspiring each other. 
I always celebrate Women’s Day in my restaurants where we have some celebration planned for women.  We invite women to be a part of celebration with us. We have live music, good food, some shopping. You can see them chit chatting with each other, enjoying each other’s company. We invite some women entrepreneurs to be a part of the day like tarot reader, small businesswomen to set up their stalls & showcase their stuff / art. The whole place that day is buzzing with only women around.  
We also do some charity that day for the sales of that day. 
Well, If I get time this year, I would love to celebrate Women’s Day with my friend & co-actor Diljot because not only we are good friends, but we have a lot of similar interests & similar way of living. 
One message for my women fans is to stand up for their rights, do not feel guilty for prioritising yourself. We women have a habit of sacrificing a lot. I tell them that sometimes living for “self” is also  important because once you are internally happy , you will be able to generate that happiness & love  for others too.”

Geetanjali Tikekar aka Savita from Shubh Laabh – Aapkey Ghar Mein:

“Women’s day is a day to acknowledge, honour and celebrate being a woman in a world full of gender biases. Though each day is Women’s Day, celebrating it on this day is a way of creating awareness about the women’s contribution in shaping the world. This day is very special to me as the fervour of womanhood is at the forefront and having a dedicated day for this cause makes it a memorable moment. To stand up against all odds and fight to make this world a gender equal society, that’s what I’ll celebrate, in tow with my fellow sisters. Usually, myself and a group of my friends meet up and catch up on our lives and achievements. One year, I met up with all the mothers of my son’s classmates. It was eye opening and memorable. All the women in my life are special and unique. I’m very proud of my fans, my body of work is dedicated to women, and appreciating my work is no less than celebrating a woman’s achievement.”