by Ar.Sanjay Goel

Today's union budget for future growth is very good, but not excellent as no major direct relief given to middle income group or lower income group. There was no mention of smart cities, or town or villages except futuristic excellent roads, railway networks and cargo transportation through rivers, as far as traffic and transportation is concerned.
Architects has welcomed additional Rs 1.5 lakhs tax relief on home loans for the purchase of a house up to Rs. 45 lakhs. It will encourage more construction, more employment, more material consumption, more satisfaction to lower income group, more work to contractors, builders and architects. Government plans to create MRO (Manufacture, Repair, Operate) industry. It will be an excellent step for overall growth.

Comprehensive restructuring of National Highways programme for creation of National Highways grid. This grid will encourage fast movement of vehicles with less rush on roads. Government envisions using river for cargo transport to decongest roads and railways. This is an excellent thought to decongest roads and railways which will also minimise accidents. Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana phase 3 is envisaged to upgrade 1,25,000 km of road length over the next 5 years. More roads will bring more comfort to public. To invest Rs 80,250 cr for upgradation of roads under PM Gram Sadak Yojana. Railway infrastructure will need an investment of Rs 50 lakh crores between 2018-2030. Railway Stations and railway networks must be looking like Airports especially in Metro cities.

New Jal Shakti Ministry will work with states to ensure Har Ghar Jal for all rural houses by 2024. With proper water supply, Government can charge properly like electricity bills and misuse of water will be decreased in India. Government decision to provide water supply to all households in 500 cities is a good step to save water also as individual bore wells will be discouraged.

17 iconic world class tourist sites to be developed. Iconic buildings will always attract not only national but international tourists also. Hope Punjab will get at least one world class site.

MAZBOOT DESH KE LIYE MAZBOOT NAGRIK is true by Union Government but it will take more than a decade.

(Author is Chairman: Indian Institute of Architects, Punjab Chapter; Director: Ludhiana Smart City Pvt. Ltd)

Friday, July 5, 2019