Shukracharya’s defeat and Hero’s win to bring a new twist in Hero- Gayab Mode On

Shukracharya’s defeat and Hero’s win to bring a new twist in Hero- Gayab Mode On
Abhishek Nigam as Evil Hero in Sony SAB's Hero - Gayab Mode On .

Sony SAB's Hero – Gayab Mode On will take a shocking turn as Hero (Abhishek Nigam) kills the police commissioner and executes the third task as intended by Shukracharya (Ajay Gehi). The upcoming episodes will bring the viewers a little ray of hope as Sandhya (Shweta Dadhich) informs Bantu (Abhishek Sharma) and Aditi (Tunisha Sharma) about the potent Amrit that will nullify the effect of halahal and bring back Veer to his original self. The episodes further are set to bring a sad and happy end to the week as Shukracharya faces defeat at the hands of Veer but our beloved Veer loses someone really special along the way.
Sandhya leaves no stone unturned to save Hero and comes up with a plan to keep Shukracharya away from Veer. She informs the Bantu and Aditi about the location of the Amrit and instructs them to get it. Meanwhile, she distracts Shukracharya and using her powers she tries her best to keep Shukracharya from stopping them from finding the Amrit.  She is determined to fight him single-handedly and bravely faces him without fearing for her own life. Meanwhile, Aditi and Bantu find the Amrit that cures Veer and finally Veer gets free from the evil effects of halahal. But little does Veer know that this win has brought a dire loss.
Will Veer be able to handle his loss? How will Shukracharya react to this defeat?
Ajay Gehi, essaying the role of Shukracharya, said, “This is one of the most crucial moments for Shukra as he has come heads on with the fact that he might lose the ultimate plan of converting Hero as the head of Asur fighters as Sandhya knows the location of the Amrit that can cure Veer. This new development has left him shattered and devastated. While performing this scene, my goal was to surprise the audience and ensure I do justice to Shukra's emotions as this is a serious defeat and he has always been a step ahead of Hero. It will be interesting for our viewers to watch what will happen next and how will Shukra strategize and fight back. So, stay tuned for many more exciting sequences on the show and keep loving us and showering us with your support."
Abhishek Nigam essaying the role of Veer aka Hero said, “The episodes on the show has taken an exciting turn. The storyline of the show was something I could never imagine as it is everything my character is not. This win against Shukracharya is one of the greatest win for Hero as he didn’t only fight others to save the world, but his battle was with himself. This week has been full of emotions for me as an artist as well. I could sense the kind of situation Veer is at. He finally turned evil, and it was an entirely new experience for me. While our viewers will witness a new look on Veer, they should also brace themselves for a shocking turn of events. This win is bittersweet and only the upcoming episodes will unfurl how Hero defeated Shukracharya.”