Screening of documentaries on Sikh heritage

Screening   of documentaries on Sikh heritage
Chandigarh, November 14, 2019: The screening of two documentaries based upon the lost Sikh heritage was organized in a series of ongoing programs devoted to Guru Nanak Patshah's 550th Prakash Purab at Punjab University Chandigarh. These documentary films, made by Amardeep Singh, are based on the traces of Sikh Gurdwaras and forts situated in Pakistan which were built by Sikh generals. The event was held at the Evening Auditorium of Punjab University and it was attended by a large number of audience. The program started at 3 pm with a documentary based on the forts built by the Sikh generals during the Khalsa Raaj, followed by a series of questions. The second documentary carries detailed information about the Gurdwaras residing in Pakistan. The film left a deep impression on viewers' minds. Amardeep Singh said that today the entire Sikh community talks about or holds information about the main Gurudwaras including Sri Nankana Sahib, Punja Sahib and Kartarpur Sahib, but there are hundreds of such Gurudwaras present in Pakistan. He said that the region on which the Sikhs established the Khalsa Raaj,naturally, there would be many monuments raised by Sikh community which are part of our heritage. The interesting thing in the film was that Amardeep Singh and his associates were fully supported by the residents while shooting in Pakistan. In addition, this documentary sheds light on Nanakpanthis living in large numbers in Pakistan's Mirdan and Mangora area. Amardeep Singh said that 80 per cent of the land on which the Sikh heritage developed today remains in Pakistan, but he hoped that the true owners of the heritage would reunite one day. Under this two-day program, Amardeep Singh will shared his experiences with the audience about the shooting of a long documentary related to Guru Nanak Patshah's Udasis and some highlights from this.