Ridge Valley School students showcase brilliant scientific innovations

Students’ efforts have been lauded by the GOI’s Department of Science & Technology

Ridge Valley School students showcase brilliant scientific innovations

Gurugram, February 27, 2022: Ridge Valley School announced today that two of its students, Ritika Chopra a ninth-grader, and Rishaan Sahgal, a seventh-grader, have been applauded by the Department of Science & Technology, Government of India for creating innovative scientific models. For their outstanding inventions, the two bright students have been felicitated with the prestigious INSPIRE-MANAK Awards– an initiative designed to motivate young people to pursue science creatively. A cash prize has been awarded to the students so that they can implement their scientific ideas.

While Ritika has invented an Electrolyte Detecting Transdermal (EDT) patch to keep users informed of the electrolyte concentration in their body at all times, Rishaan has developed an inventive helmet with a comfort liner called TURMET for designed for turban-clad Sikhs riding two-wheelers. 

In honour of National Science Day, Ridge Valley School will host a Mini Science Exhibition at their school premises. During the event, Ritika will present her health & fitness app through an online presentation in which she will explain how the app will be useful for users wearing the patch. On the other hand, Rishaan will show a small prototype of TURMET that he has created.
Describing her innovative idea about the EDT patch, Ritika explained, "Electrolytes are essential minerals like sodium, potassium, calcium which besides maintaining muscle and nerve functions, also assist in maintaining acid-base and water balance in the human body. The presence of a low electrolyte level in our body can lead to a variety of serious diseases, so we should always track their concentration in order to ensure a healthy lifestyle. The EDR patch lets us do just that.”

While presenting the idea of TURMET, Rishaan pointed out, "As per Section 129 of the Central Motor Vehicles Act, Sikh women and men wearing turbans on the highway are not required to wear protective headgear. Thus, riding on the highways becomes quite risky for them. Because I was concerned for their safety, I developed a helmet that can offer protection to the Sikh community. The TURMET’s rigid outer shell is made entirely out of Polycarbonate Plastic. An impact-absorbing liner made of expanded polystyrene is used to absorb impact and prevent sharp objects from breaking the helmet and damaging the skull.” He added, "I am excited and looking forward to presenting the TURMET demo at our school's Mini Science Exhibition”.

Ms. Nidhi Tewari, Principal, Ridge Valley School, expressed her delight at this tremendous effort by her students, saying, "We are exceedingly proud of these prodigies. We are grateful to the Department of Science & Technology, Government of India for recognizing their efforts and I thank our teachers for guiding them in the right direction.”