Remo D'Souza beats Raghav Juyal in push-ups challenge on 'Dance+ 6'

Remo D'Souza beats Raghav Juyal in push-ups challenge on 'Dance+ 6'
Source: IANS

Mumbai, Oct 9 (IANS) Choreographer Remo D'Souza and host Raghav Juyal were seen engaging in a fun workout challenge where Raghav tried to woo Shakti Mohan with his quirky style and funny banter with Remo on 'Dance+ 6'.

Humorously teasing Raghav for his constant attempts to impress Shakti, Remo initiated a challenge saying: "Raghav, I have seen you trying to woo Shakti for a few years, but eventually nothing comes out of it and that hurts me since I consider you my own. But then I wondered why should Shakti even consider you; can't put my finger on that one good thing that would impress her. So I have decided it is time to make you more attractive; everyone here is fit and has six pack abs, it is your turn now!"

Laughing about the call-out, Raghav gave back to Remo saying: "Salman, Puneet, the contestants and you - everyone has abs except for 'me'. That makes me unique, I stand out!"

Brushing off Raghav's witty comeback, Remo initiated a workout challenge and said: "I want you to hit some push-ups with me so that I can teach you how it's done."

Raghav accepted the challenge and performed hilarious moves that left everyone in splits. While Remo's impressive push-ups skills created the perfect star struck moment. The challenge concluded with Remo beating Raghav at push-ups, and got to see a sweet moment shared between Shakti and Raghav as he extended a flirtatious gesture towards her again.

'Dance+ Season 6' is streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.