Recognising Innovative healthcare Startups this National Doctors Day

In India, the National Doctor's Day is celebrated on July 1 each year to honour the birth and death anniversary of Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy

Recognising Innovative healthcare Startups this National Doctors Day

In the current times of the COVID, we have recognised the importance of doctors and learning just how much they contribute to society now more than ever. In India, the National Doctor's Day is celebrated on July 1 each year to honour the birth and death anniversary of Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy. He was not just a great physician but also the second Chief Minister of West Bengal who was instrumental in setting up Indian Medical Association & Medical Council of India.

This year, let us express gratitude towards the medical professionals who treat the health of the patients above theirs. Additionally, let us go an extra mile and recognise those Startups who understood the vulnerability of the situation and came up with innovative solutions in healthcare sector.

So, here are top 5 innovative healthcare Startups to celebrate the spirit of National Doctors Day on July 1. 


4baseCare – Founded in 2018 the brainchild of Hitesh Goswami and Kshitij Rishi, 4BaseCare is the only company globally that is leveraging and combining technological advances in both genomics and digital health to personalize patient care in oncology. The company aims to support technology to develop cutting–edge precision oncology solutions that are accessible and affordable for all patients and to make Precision Oncology as Standard of Care in Asia.


MediSage – Incepted in November 2019 with its digital platform launched in April 2020, MediSage is a healthtech start-up empowering doctors to stay up-to-date with curated medical content with the motto "for the doctors by the doctors". MediSage aims to keep doctors abreast with the latest medical knowledge, global best practices, case based discussion. Doctors can stay up-to-date through webinars, expert videos, medical conferences, journal articles, podcasts, chat casts, among other easy to consume formats. Doctors can simply sift through the vast repository of content created by global and national experts, carefully curated by MediSage, to improve patient outcomes through accurate diagnosis and best-in-class treatment. Focusing greatly on easy-to-understand expert videos, the platform intends to become the ‘Netflix for Doctors’.


Prescrip – Prescrip is a fast-growing healthcare technology company aiming to revolutionize the healthcare delivery system in India. It was launched in 2014 as an iPad solution for doctors. Prescrip enables doctors to quickly generate neat & medically compliant prescriptions while maintaining a detailed record of the patient's visit. Currently, Prescrip operates on a freemium model catering to doctors across multiple specialties in 477 cities across India. Today, Prescrip has over 7000 registered doctors across India. The app is on its way to becoming the most preferred comprehensive clinic management solution for health care practitioners across various specialties. The company's goal is to provide high-quality, affordable solutions that align with the changing needs of the doctors, with a consistent focus on improving technology.


Mfine – mfine is mobile health platform that aggregates branded hospitals to deliver on-demand healthcare services to patients. Its AI platform helps improve doctor productivity and quality of diagnosis. By using the mfine app patients reach quality doctors within 10 mins, consult with them and get the prescription. All their medical history (prescription, lab reports, and other data ) securely stored in the app and they also get timely medicine reminders for better adherence to prescription.

Biosense – Biosense Technologies was created by a group of Medical professionals, Engineers, Product designers as well as IT coders to utilize the boom of “Digital India” and “Make in India” campaign to contribute towards designing portable yet affordable devices for basic health care screening.