Punjab Govt must reconsider its decision of issuing orders of March 19 for restriction on wedding/functions to only 20 persons

Demands Ludhiana Marriage Palace Welfare Association 

Punjab Govt must reconsider its decision of issuing orders of March 19 for restriction on wedding/functions to only 20 persons

Ludhiana: Ludhiana Marriage Palace Welfare Association has urged upon the government to reconsider its decision of issuing orders of March 19, 20021 for restriction on wedding/functions to only 20 persons.

Addressing a press conference here today, the association president Amarjit Singh (Sant) and spokesperson Vikas Shrivastav added that when Punjab Chief Minister gave relaxation of gathering for 200 persons for open area and 100 people for hall in last five months all venues followed the norms strictly and made sure there is not even a single mishappening of covid spike due to gathering at marriage palace. 

They added that all marriage palaces are built in very large land areas with extensive laws and large banquets halls providing comfortable and safe environment to conduct social gathering maintaining covid norms comfortably. 

Further, they pointed out that if multiplex and malls can be given permission of fifty per cent strength usage then in consideration the marriage palace venue are much more large and better ventilated giving far more safety to guests. 

They said last year for hospitality/wedding business has been full of struggle and the overall employment and revenue has gone down by 70 per cent. This is less than the operating cost. 

They revealed that the majority of business has shifted to nearby states like Himachal Pradesh, Haryana and Rajasthan where people opted for destination weddings. Due to this, there was large loss to state government in terms of revenue as well thousands daily wages staff and contract staff has become unemployed and are on verge of total system collapse. Also ancillary business such as photography, decoration, DJ, catering vendors etc have become unemployed. 

They demanded that the chief minister must allow fifty per cent of strength of the venues as per the size like given to cinema, theatres, restaurants and malls in the state. They said, “Our industry is already bleeding and will actually collapse, if this relaxation is not given.”

They said they stand committed in fight against Covid-19 in Punjab and will put their best foot forward to make Punjab covid free. 

They hoped that the chief minister will consider their points and save thousands of people from dying due to extinction of this business as they are already on last stage of survival.

Among others, the association vice president Inderjeet Singh Khurana, general secretary Rajneesh Kalra, Joint Secretary Krishan Thakur, Finance Secretary Pankaj Gupta, Legal Advisor – Spokesperson Gurpreet Singh Malhi, Patrons Rajwant Singh Grewal and Chaman Lal Tangri, Senior Advisor Jitender Dhiman and Chairman Manjinder Singh were present.