PROPERTY TAX: MCJ starts issuing public notices


Jalandhar, February 10, 2013 : After much discussions over this matter in the Punjab Assembly, finally the process of issuing notices to the public for levying property tax by the Municipal Corporation, Jalandhar is being started.

The MC is asking from the owners of the properties having up to 100 sq meter self-occupied built houses to start paying their dues at Suvidha Centre.

MC has also put the return forms to be filled for the purpose on the official website  for the convenience of the public, in advance, because the property tax is to be levied from November 15, 2012 till March 31, 2013.

The MC has also asked the occupants of 50 sq. meter which comes equal to 59.8 sq yard or 538 sq feet. In this case the property occupant will have to pay up Rs 19 this time otherwise the amount payable will be Rs 50 per year.

In case of house of 51 SQ m to 100 sq (110.6 sq yard or 1076 sq feet) the occupant will have to pay up Rs 56 in the shape of property tax dues against annual charges of Rs 150.

Talking about  the Commissioner, Vinay Bublani said the process for the calculation of property tax for land measuring other size property would be explained, once the process  of zoning and fixing of per unit rates are finalised Bublani divulged.

However," A meeting with Director Local Bodies Priyank Bharti is scheduled to be held on February 12 here, in the presence of the members of the committee  and MLAs, MP and alongwith the other officials in this regard and the decision of the meeting will be made public in order to invite objections from the public, only one month time will be given for filing the objection. Afterwards the zoning will be declared, that will be final," Bublani concluded.

Sunday, February 10, 2013