Principal KMV invited to speak at International Conference organised by Leeds Beckett University, UK

Says borderless inclusivity is the way to build just, peaceful and prosperous global society

Principal KMV invited to speak at International Conference organised by Leeds Beckett University, UK

Jalandhar: Prof Atima Sharma Dwivedi, Principal Kanya Maha Vidyalaya,  was invited to speak at an International Conference titled Inclusion Beyond Borders organised by the prestigious Leeds Beckett University, UK with the support of the Erasmus+ programme of Carnegie School of Education, European Union . Prof. Dwivedi is one of the select academicians from across the globe to be invited to express her views on the very pertinent topic .  Scholars from France, Italy and Spain also participated in the same. 

During the conference, Prof. Dwivedi sharing her presentation on the topic " Inclusiveness in Education: Impact beyond Borders …an Experiential Insight"  averred that educational institutions are the lighthouses of the society as they provide direction to the society. 

Prof Atima Sharma Dwivedi focussed on development of women across the country and their assimilation in mainstream life through futuristic education. Prof Dwivedi showcased the practical work done by KMV towards the goal of inclusiveness. She emphasised on the importance of inclusivity right from the grassroot levels in order to get best results. She also highlighted the various philanthropic activities carried out by KMV towards the goal of inclusion in the form of providing value added programs to the students in each semester free of cost, scholarships to the needy & meritorious students, providing equal opportunities through mentoring and personal care & regular communication with community through various measures. Prof. Dwivedi also shed light on various inclusive practices performed by KMV such as providing skill education to the marginalised women for their livelihood, felicitating the war widows, honouring & acknowledging the third gender and specially abled ,organising digital literacy campaigns for  citizens & organising health camps for the aged and needy.

The inclusivity done during the COVID times by KMV under the project #KMVKares under which many  social extension activities were carried out by KMVwere also highlighted. Prof. Dwivedi further maintained that inclusion at KMV also focuses on including the Global Community of academicians & scholars in teaching learning process at KMV in the form of adapting best global practices, through various exchange programs & organising international conferences from time to time. 

During the conclusion, Prof. Dwivedi averred that education is the game changer for inclusivity & borderless inclusivity is the way to build just, peaceful & prosperous global society. Her online presentation was richly appreciated by the organisers as well as the audience.Dr Naeema from Leeds Beckett University thanked Prof Atima for the illuminating thought provoking presentation and also lauded KMVby saying "  KMV  is like a University in its depth and range of courses and projects."The participating scholars who had visited KMV in the past referred to KMV  as a  model college during the conference.

It is worth a  mention that Prof. Dr. Atima Sharma Dwivedi is an internationally acclaimed personality who has often been invited to deliver keynote addresses and guest lectures at various international universities of US, UK, Asia & Europe on diverse topics related to education, leadership & literature etc. She has visited, interacted with scholars and participated in conferences at Boston University (USA), Chatham University (USA), Beijing University (China), Hong Kong University, Birmingham University (U.K), Athens University (Greece), Columbia University (U.S.A), Princeton University (U.S.A),Harvard University (USA), Eotvos Lorand University (Hungary) among others.