Postman surpasses 10 million users as API usage booms

The only complete platform for API development introduces new features to position for the next wave of growth

Postman surpasses 10 million users as API usage booms
Abhinav Asthana, CEO & Co-founder, Postman.

Bengaluru: Postman, the leading platform for API development, today announced that its registered user base recently exceeded 10 million. Postman also experienced a surge in the number of API requests through its platform, which increased by over 36% to 13 million per day in 2019 vs 2018, as more and more businesses are increasing their dependence on APIs.
New, Robust Features for Developers
Part of Postman’s dramatic growth is fueled by improvements in the Postman API Platform, with the company closing out more than 500 user feature requests in 2019 alone. As part of those efforts, Postman recently moved six highly requested features into GA, which include:
•        GraphQL: Support to send GraphQL requests in Postman
•        CodeGen: Convert requests into code snippets in your chosen language
•        Console: Debug Postman API collections and API Network calls
•        API Builder: Define, developer, test, and observe APIs directly within Postman
•        Interceptor: Sync browser cookies into Postman and capture network requests directly from Chrome
•        Visualizer: Easily visualize API data as charts and graphs
Enter Project Artemis: A New Postman Experience
In addition to a constant stream of new features, Postman has also been focused on the platform’s future. Project Artemis is the next-generation client interface bringing the Postman experience to all modern browsers with three benefits that users had been seeking: instantly available, always up to date, and blazing fast performance. All users will be able to take advantage of Project Artemis when it becomes available.

“Postman’s growth is proof that the business world is really recognizing the power of APIs,” Abhinav Asthana, CEO and co-founder of Postman. “I’m also very excited about the prospect of bringing Postman to the browser with Project Artemis. Users have asked us for it. And we listened.”

“Passing 10 million registered users makes Postman one of the largest developer communities in the world,” said Nick Tran, VP of marketing and developer relations. “And we’re now preparing to bring Postman directly to this inspiring community with the Galaxy World Tour.”