"A perfect son-in-law is someone who respects his in-laws, looks after our daughter very well, spoils her if possible…” ~ Shubha Khote as Dadi in Sony SAB’s Mangalam Dangalam


Q: Please tell us about your role as Dadi in Mangalam Dangalam.

Shubha: I portray the character of a very fashionable woman, quite stylish and always sporting unique hairstyles. She wears heavy jewellery and makeup. Her clothes are very flashy. She is a very witty kind of a person. Her behavior is not like that of an old woman. In fact, she is very young at heart.

Q: What made you say yes to the role or the show?

Shubha: The role is very interesting. Also, I haven’t really done a TV show for a long time. I was not really prepared to do a serial, but I liked the role so much, that I agreed to do it.

Q: What sets Mangalam Dangalam apart from any other show on the television today?

Shubha: The show is based on a different kind of subject. Although it is a family subject, the title itself tells you that it is not just a family kind of thing; it is a Dangal.

Q: According to you, what are the characteristics of a perfect son-in-law?

Shubha: A perfect son-in-law is someone who respects his in-laws, looks after our daughter very well, spoils her if possible and of course, loves her.

Q: Could you talk about your relationship with Rumi on the show?

Shubha: Oh, she is our favorite grandchild though in the show, we have a grandson too, who is very intelligent. Rumi is a very kind and hard-working girl. Her father adores her. Usually the grandmother loves her grandchildren, but I am fond of my son and my son is fond of her, so I am slightly partial towards her and pamper her to the fullest.

Q: Do you relate to your character on the show?

Shubha: Yes, as far as being fun loving is concerned, I am that kind of a person in reality as well.

Q: You have been a part of both film and television industry for decades now. Please share something about your journey so far.

Shubha: I have been around for 63 years now. I started in 1955 with the film ‘Seema’. Well, there have been a few ups and downs. In between, I was away for a year because of my husband’s posting. Otherwise, I have been around in the industry for most of the time. Only, previously, the roles we did were quite different. They were important - as important as of the main hero and heroine. I was mostly cast with Mahmood and Omar and our track went almost parallel to the main character. However, after that, the trend of filmmaking and stories has changed. So that track is not there any longer. There are hardly any regular comedians anymore.

Later, I started getting into character roles and did a few roles then. However, the main noticeable character was in ‘Ek Dooje Ke Liye’. It was an unsympathetic character, but there was comedy in it. After this, I didn’t do too many serials - just a few like ‘zabaan sambhaalke’ and two Marathi serials, which were quite regular.

Q: Do you think youngsters today value their parents’ opinion when it comes to choosing their life partner?

Shubha: I am sure they do. If there is any problem, I think they usually discuss with their parents and they try to understand each other and come to some kind of a solution.

Q: What can the audiences expect from Sony SAB’s Mangalam Dangalam?

Shubha: Viewers can surely expect lots of fun and laughter.

Q: Any message for the viewers?

Shubha: Watch Mangalam Dangalam, enjoy it and let us know how you loved it or what you felt about it.

Friday, November 9, 2018