PayWorld empowers more than 14,000 Gram Panchayats in Gujarat  

PayWorld in collaboration with Gram Haat provided a wide range of B2C services

PayWorld empowers more than 14,000 Gram Panchayats in Gujarat  

New Delhi,  June 21, 2023: PayWorld, one of Bharat’s leading Fintech platforms, joined hands with Gram Haat to provide a wide range of B2C services to approximately 14,181 gram Panchayat under Government eGram Project in Gujarat. The primary objective of this momentous tie-up is to ensure that all the services such as Recharge, AEPS, m-ATM (Cash Withdrawal), Insurance and many more are offered by PayWorld are readily available to rural residents, eliminating the need for long-distance travel.

Through this collaboration, PayWorld is empowering the Village Computer Entrepreneurs (VCE) and retailers to better serve their communities. As part of the agreement, VCEs are appointed as PayWorld retailers, enabling them to earn a substantial monthly commission in addition to their salary from the Gram Panchayat. This synergy between PayWorld and the VCEs will enhance the local economy, generate employment opportunities, and uplift the standard of living in the rural areas of Gujarat. The collaboration aims to bridge the urban-rural divide and address the challenges faced by the rural segment, commonly referred to as the 4A challenges: Accessibility, Affordability, Availability, and Awareness.

"This partnership marks a significant milestone in our commitment to financial inclusion and serving the underserved segments of society," said Amit Tyagi, CEO at PayWorld. "Over the past seven years, since the signing of the MOU with Gram-Haat, we have made tremendous strides in empowering rural communities. By extending our services to 14,181 Gram Panchayats, we are enabling the rural population to access a plethora of services right in their own villages."

Currently, PayWorld boasts a strong network of over 7,000+ registered Village Computer Entrepreneurs in Gujarat covering 11,000+ Gram Panchayat. With this ground breaking initiative, PayWorld anticipates the network to grow to over 8,000+ registered VCEs by the end of this financial year. The exponential growth in the number of retail partners will further strengthen PayWorld's presence and expand its reach to even more rural areas across Gujarat.

“By joining hands with Payworld, we are empowering rural Gujarat like never before. Through this partnership, we are unlocking the potential of Gram Panchayats, empowering individuals, and driving socio-economic progress in the region." – Gram-Haat Official.

PayWorld remains committed to its vision of creating a digitally inclusive society by providing essential financial services to the underserved segments of the population. This partnership with Gram-Haat under the eGram G2C Portal serves as a testament to PayWorld's dedication to empowering rural communities and driving positive change.