Pandemic disrupted careers of many sports personnel, but fortunately, they are good at handling setbacks: Pullela Gopichand

Panel discussion on ‘Building High-Performance Leadership’

Pandemic disrupted careers of many sports personnel, but fortunately, they are good at handling setbacks: Pullela Gopichand
Raj Yarlagadda, Pullela Gopichand, Madanmohan Rao in Panel discussion on Building High Performance Leadership.

Hyderabad: Unlike many other careers, sports career lasts for very few years.  When you are in the peak of your career, the career doesn’t last beyond a couple of years. The pandemic disrupted short careers of many sports personnel, said Pullela Gopichand, participating virtually in a panel discussion on ‘Building High-Performance Leadership’ along with the other panel member Raj Yarlagadda. The discussion was moderated Dr. Madanmohan Rao at TiE Global Summit 2020, the world’s largest entrepreneurship summit participated by 20,000 plus global virtual audience
Now with Pandemic struck many sports personnel have lost one crucial year in their short career. It is depressing. But fortunately for sports personnel defeats, setbacks, failures are part and parcel of their life. This has come to their forte now.
It has given time for them to work on their weaknesses. Catch up with what they always longed for.
In my case, though I may sound strange, it is a fact that this is the best time for me. I have been travelling for 30 years. This has given me time to catch up with my self to focus on me, work on all those that were demanding time.
When the world resumes to normalcy, I can go to face it with renewed physical and mental strength, Gopi said.
It allowed me to connect with kids which I always looked for. Thanks to virtual platforms I was able to connect with many he shared
Replying to a question on failures, he said going from one failure to the other with the same amount of enthusiasm, zeal, a determination is a success. So failure is very important. And it has many values to teach. I am what I am today because of my injuries and failures.
Sports teach a lot of good things. Their influence on life is huge. Look at sports as learning. Look sports beyond medals. Look sports as useful life lessons.
Speaking about his plans, Gopi said his badminton academy.
‘Pullela Gopichand Academy’ is planning to set up Sports Science Centre, an R&D facility at its campus in Gachibowli Hyderabad. Right now I am working on this and will come very soon, he said
We will expand our foot print. We are planning to set up a new academy at Bhubaneshwar in Orissa. We have tied with schools in Hyderabad and Bangalore, Gopichand shared.