Pan Asian-Flavours of the Far East Asia’ food festival starts at WelcomHotel Bella Vista

Pan Asian-Flavours of the Far East Asia’ food festival

'Pan Asian - Flavours of the Far East Asia' Food Festival, has kickstarted at WelcomHotel Bella Vista, Panchkula.

Panchkula, August 23, 2019: Tricity Food Aficionados, have a reason to cheer. A ten(10 ) days food festival ‘Pan Asian- Flavours of the Far East Asia ’ has kicked off at WelcomHotel Bella Vista at Sector 5 here.
The start of the Food Festival was announced in a unique manner. Chef Deepak Pujari, Assistant Master Chef in WelcomHotel Sheraton , New Delhi and who is also an award winning Chef, along-with Manohar Reny Duddi, Executive Chef, WelcomHotel Bella Vista prepared live, some Pan Asian delicacies which included Som Tum ( Thai Raw Papaya Salad ) , Spicy Abi Rolls and Asparagus Tempura Rolls. A live cooking session was also held to expose the uninitiated to the art of cooking & make them cook like Master Chefs. A live mocktail making session was also held which taught the audience how to make exotic mocktails like a pro. What’s more, a demonstration of towel art too was given.
Vivek Khanna, GM, WelcomHotel Bella Vista said, “The food festival is being organised in an endeavour to provide the authentic flavours of Asian Food to tricity food enthusiasts. The fare has myriad lip-smacking original recipes from across the culturally rich Far East Asian countries at one place. The fare offered at Pan Asian is a paradise for those fond of Asian Cuisines. The menu has immense variety and flavours due to years of experience that our group has in Pan Asian recipes.”
As soon as you step into the Pan Asian food festival you will be taken to a culinary trip to China, Japan and Thailand. The festival is one-of- a- kind as the menu has been crafted & prepared by a maestro of Asian food - Chef Deepak Pujari, who is a well-known figure in the Asian culinary circuit. Deepak, has a vast experience of working with the authentic Japanese restaurant-Ai, New Delhi and Oberoi Gurugram. He has bagged a silver medal in Ahaar Festival in live cooking in 2016 and clinched a bronze medal at the same event in 2015.
Some signature dishes at the festival make it special. In vegetarian there’s ‘Som Yom’ salad which is a spicy salad made from shredded unripe papaya with Thai herbs. ‘Spinach Curry’ is delectable. It is a Thai yellow curry with some water chestnuts to give crunch, for aroma brown onions and garlic are added. In Non Vegetarian some unique offerings are ‘Chongquing Chicken’-an aromatic Sichuan style dry chicken which will give you the taste of Sichuan, with nice crispy red chili. ‘Thai roasted fish’ - a marinated fish in basil and chili is mouthwatering. ‘Spicy Ebi Roll’ is a Fusion sushi roll which has crunch, spice, creamy texture with a hint of wasabi flavor.
Deepak Pujari, Assistant Master Chef of WelcomHotel Sheraton said, “The Food Festival offers a great opportunity to experience and taste the authentic Asian Foods. We have ensured a menu which gives one the real taste of the oriental. A team of specialist chefs have curated the menu which we are confident will be loved by visitors.”
At Pan Asian, the soups are inviting. The Japanese traditional soup ‘Miso Shiru’- a traditional fermented soya bean soup and ‘Miso Shiru Shrimp’ a fermented soya bean soup with shrimp, are attractions.
An extensive menu has been created in Non-Vegetarian section. ‘Spicy Tuna’, ‘Pla Thod Prik Pow’, which is of a fried sole with roasted Thai Chilly and ‘Chongqing Chicken’ -Morsels of chicken tossed with dry chilly, ginger and spring onion are there.
The Vegetarian course includes ‘Hui Shi Shu’ which is a great mixture of stir-fried Chinese greens with minced garlic sauce, ‘Mapo Tofu’ is a combination of Silken tofu with chilly bean sauce and Spinach and Water Chestnut in Thai Yellow Curry.
The Desert section is tempting and has ‘Banana Tempura’, ‘Tapioca Pudding’ and ‘Date Pancakes. ‘Mulled rum and raisin ice cream’, which has ice cream flavored rum infused with 5 spices, topped with raisins is a must-have.
On the inaugural event wives of senior armed forces officers were also invited. The gesture was a tribute to the guardians of the country, who are doing their duty round the clock at the border, for the safety of India.

Friday, August 23, 2019