Opportunities in social business sector deliberated upon 

Webinar organized by Yunus Social Business Centre and Amity University 

Opportunities in social business sector deliberated upon 
Web lecture and Interactive Session on “Role of Social Business in Post COVID-19 World” by Nobel Laureate Prof Muhammad Yunus.

Yunus Social Business Centre (YSBC) envisioned by Nobel Laureate Prof. Muhammad Yunus organized the inaugural Web Lecture Cum Interactive Session in the YSBC Web Lecture Series on “Role of Social Business in Post COVID-19 World” in collaboration with Amity University. Dr. Aseem Chauhan, Chancellor, Amity University Rajasthan moderated the invigorating session in a fireside chat with Prof. Yunus.   

The session promised to inspire the young Entrepreneurs and Innovators recognize great opportunities in the Social Business Sector and empower them to turn the challenges that lie ahead into opportunities and thus join the great revolution coming up in the Social Business Sector.   

Taking this thought forward, Prof. Muhammad Yunus averred that while people are locked in their homes, activities of his centre haven’t stopped and he has been promoting issues around social business in corona times. He stated that people have to be creative during these times as the pandemic has stopped the world at a lightning speed. He further added that the pandemic also highlighted the weaknesses of the society and the informal sector with the mass exodus of migrant workers stopping the economic engine. He shared that the society was rushing to a disaster & destruction before the pandemic struck.

Global warming and wealth concentration was affecting at an alarming rate like a ticking time bomb. The global lockdown made the train moving towards destruction stop and now the society should ensure not to go back to the old world. He stressed on the need to rebuild & redesign institutions &the thought process in the light of social businesses.  

Prof. Yunus stated that the new world needs a check post where the fossil fuels, plastics etc can’t get through and take tough decisions as it is the right time to do so. He stressed on the need to ensure and make a promise to handover the planet to the next generation in a much safer condition. He averred that the corona vaccine should not be protected with a patent right, should have no commercial ownership and be made accessible to all. He called for the creation of a social business pharmaceutical company for the benefit of the people and society at large. The Nobel laureate also asked the young generation to think of becoming entrepreneurs and look at designing poor-friendly, women friendly healthcare system.  

Dr. Aseem Chauhan while moderating the session shared that Prof. Yunus inspires millions around the globe. He questioned
Prof. Yunus about the concept of social business during the corona affected global population and how the pandemic was also an opportunity. Dr. Chuahan asked how can influential people lead the change and be a part of this new world and also inquired about his mission of making the corona vaccine a global commodity & make it available to every individual around the world. The session was well-attended by thousands of students, faculty and listeners from all around the globe.