OPINION: Full stop on groupism in BJP on Rajnath Singh’s appointment as President

OPINION: Full stop on groupism in BJP on Rajnath Singh’s appointment as President

Despite all efforts of Rashtriya Sanwayasewak Sangh (RSS), Nitin Gadkari could not become the President of BJP for the second time. In dramatic antecedents and tug-of-war, Rajnath Singh has again got the opportunity to capture the post of President in the party.  It is a matter of chance that before the general elections in 2009, Rajnath Singh was the President and now again before the next general elections in 2014, BJP will contest under his patronage. 


In a nation, president of the major opposition party, have most important responsibility on his shoulders.  This was the reason that the leaders like Lal Krishan Advani, Shanta Kumar, Yashwant Sinha seasoned leaders never wanted that  some controversial or corrupt person should sit on  the chair of President as its consequences could have faced the party during the coming elections. More-over, the tug-of-war between Sangh and BJP is not a new thing. In the past, there had been circumstances when the Sangh has posed its decision against the wishes of senior leaders and it was going on happen on January 22, 2013 also on the day of election to the post of president as Nitin Gadkari was to be made president with amendment in the constitution of the party.  However, with the demand of nomination form and voter list by Yashwant Sinha, it was crystal clear that there are some groups in the party itself which can give a challenge to the decisions of the Sangh.  After this, the dramatic changes started and there were income tax raids in Mumbai on nine companies virtually attached with the group of Nitin Gadkari and he himself submitted his resignation.  His logic was clear that it is a political enmity and Nitin Gadkari was ready for any investigation as he did not want to tarnish the image of the BJP.  It is not understood that as to how this came to his mind after a long time of levelling of charges of financial irregularities.  Why he did not refuse for the post of President, when he was declared a candidate for the second time.  Had there been no raids on Tuesday, the question is as to whether he would have resigned or not? Whatever circumstances may be, he has to resign under compulsion.

In BJP’s Board meeting, Rajnath Singh, a physics lecturer-turned-politician, was a unanimous choice and Yashwant Sinha also announced not to contest the election in his favour and now he has become the president of BJP.  He is a national leader with his feet firmly on the ground. But lot of efforts has to be made by the leaders in BJP for this unanimous choice.  Advani was interested in Sushma Swaraj as President of the party but there was no unanimity.  In fact, Sushma Swaraj, Naidu and Arun Jaitly, all these three were opposing each other for the post of President.  

Rajnath Singh has better record in the past and he has also the experience to run the government and his group besides keeping a good relation with RSS and having support of strong leaders like Narenda Modi.  All these favourable factors had made Rajnath Singh president of the BJP.   But it is an admitted fact that in the past decades, there was not too much fight in the BJP for the post of President and this very issue has exposed the internal rift in the party.  It is now to be seen as to how the BJP reform the party before the Lok Sabha election and moves forward under the leadership of Rajnath Singh. However, this will be a challenge to Rajnath Singh as he is the party’s top leader from the heartland state.

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