Online Book launch event at PU

The book titled “Kavita to kahi nahi” is written by Prof. Archana Singh, Professor, School of Communication Studies

Online Book launch event at PU

Chandigarh: Panjab University Alumni Association (PUAA) organised an event to launch a book named “Kavita to kahi nahi” written by Prof. Archana Singh, Professor, School of Communication Studies on June 18, 2021. This event was in continuation with the events organized by PUAA to celebrate the success and accomplishments of illustrious alumni of Panjab University.

 Prof. VR Sinha, Dean University Instruction presided over the event. He described the majesty of Hindi literature and said that literary persons are different from other persons. Poetry is the most versatile form of literary works and writing poetry is the strongest form of art. He gave numerous examples of popular poets like Kabir Das, Mahadevi Verma, Sumitranandan Pant, Suryakant Tripathi ‘Nirala’ and celebrated novelists like Munshi Prem Chand who had uncanny ability to potray Indian ethos and human behaviour. He admired Prof. Archana for her maiden venture and said that she is a possessor of unusual sensitivity and insight. She is able to express things in a attractive way with an astounding capacity.Prof Archana as a poet, idealizes reality and represents the things, rouses our admiration and feeling of nostalgia as we can empathise with most of her expressions. Prof. Sinha congratulated Prof. Archana and unveiled the book.

Special guests of the evening RJ Mehak, Dr. Anu Dua Sehgal, Ms. Soumya Joshi and Ms. Renuka Salwan, Director Public Relations, PU recited selected verses from the book.

Prof. Anupama Sharma, Dean, Alumni Relations welcomed the Chief Guest, special guests and alumni of PU, senior faculty members from Panjab University and participants. Speaking about the book, Prof. Sharma highlighted that the book is a beautiful compilation of poems and is true reflection of multifarious personality of Prof. Archana. It not only give the participants a window into the heart of the poet, but they also compel us to explore our own inner worlds and longings. Rave reviews by learned persons bear testimony to high literary content. 

Prof. Archana recited some verses of her book and said that compilation of this book was not easy but lockdown gave her time to assemble it. The poems were written over a span of few decades which were compiled in form of this book. She exquisitely described the logic for the title of the book “Kavita to kahi nahi”. She said that she has poured forth her life experiences in the form of poetry over the years. The collection contains 58 poems of varying lengths put together under 6 chapter headings. Each chapter caters to one type of mood such as Life, Family, Politics, Mother tongue and Womanhood.

Ms. Renuka Salwan recited a poem “Betiyan” from the book and specified that she can well relate to the poem beautifully penned down by Prof. Archana as she is herself mother of two daugheres who are staying away from her now. Dr. Anu Dua Sehgal, Ms. Soumya Joshi and RJ Mehak also to recited poems of their choice from Prof. Archana’s book, specifically choosing the theme which is close to their hearts.

Earlier, highlighting the importance of book reading, Dr. Monika Aggarwal, UIAMS introduced the theme of the event to all the participants. She also read the reviews of book by Bollywood actor Ayushman Khurana and Jyoti Kapoor on the book and invited Prof. Archana Singh to highlight about the book and her journey from academician to a poet. 

The audience found the session engrossing, splendid, and enthralling. At the last, Prof. Monika Aggarwal presented the vote of thanks and concluded the meeting.