Odhni with WNW collaborates with Bollywood’s favourite saree draper Dolly Jain

Organised a draping session in Delhi

Odhni with WNW collaborates with Bollywood’s favourite saree draper Dolly Jain
Dolly Jain while doing draping session by ODHNI X WNW.

New Delhi: Odhni, North India’s largest ethnic wear brand with leading bridal wear brand of Kolkata, WNW, recently collaborated with Bollywood’s favourite saree draper Dolly Jain, and organised a draping session at Crown Plaza Hotel, Delhi.
Dolly Jain, a professional saree and dupatta draper who holds the world record for draping a saree in 8.5 sec in 325 different ways interacted with around 500 women in the workshop guided them about several interesting tips on draping saree and dupattas to add statement quotient in their dressing sense. Some of these women were also seen noted down her creative yet convenient tips. How to wear a silk saree with a perfect look? How to drape the ulta pallu saree, and how to drape mermaid style saree with a modern touch to every technique were the most captivating tips for these vivacious women.
Dolly also shared some offbeat tips such as ‘Draping the sari with an additional dupatta’ and ‘Say hello to a look with twin saris’ during the workshop. She said, “Experience the versatility of the world’s most ancient dress. For every style-conscious woman, I recommend at least one sari in sheer fabric, like net or organza, and the second option can be a printed or a Benarasi sari.” And, then she told more than a dozen ways to drape them.
Regarding the twin saris option, Dolly said, “Drape the see-through one over the printed or Banarasi sari in the traditional manner; until you reach your lower pleats for the pallu. Take one pallu over your left shoulder and the other one over your right, and wear your dupatta as a head veil to finish the look.”
“Wearing a belt or kamar bandh over your dupatta is one of the easiest ways to achieve a stylish look,” further added by Dolly.
On this event, Mr. Puneet Jain & Yatin Jain, Directors ODHNI said, “Women nowadays try to avoid wearing saree as they find it cumbersome to drape. Many of them also say saree limits mobility. This workshop by professional drape artist Dolly Jain was organised in order to give women the idea of easy and innovative ways to drape saree that will create all sorts of a traditional look with comfort.”