Non-release of funds for operation and maintenance of deep tubewells can upset agriculture produce in Kandi Area

by Rajat Kumar Mohindru/Jalandhar City

Due to financial constrains and waiving of agriculture loans by the Punjab Government providing facility of free deep tubewell water to the farmers for agriculture sector will really upset the future yield of the produce of the farmers specially in the Kandi Area.
It is pertinent to note that the operation and maintenance of the deep tubewells is carried out by the Punjab Irrigation Department. The State Government should either review its policy of providing of water of deep tubewells for agriculture sector on subsidize rates by levying cess on the consumption of water, so that the amount recovered as cess can be utilized for the operation and maintenance of deep tubewells . The Ministry of Finance, Agriculture and Irrigation should frame a policy for allocation of funds for the operation and maintaince of deep tubewells especially in the Kandi area (Foot Hills of Shivalik Mountain range). As the deep tubewells are the life line for agriculture produce and even used for drinking purposes in the Kandi area, as earlier the farmers of the Kandi area were totally dependent on nature (natural rainfall) but with the installation of deep tubewells in Kandi area have helped the farmers to produce bumper crops. As the Punjab Mandi Board collects cess on the agriculture produce the funds for operation and maintenance of deep tubewells can also be diverted from this Board in the interest of the agriculture sector.

Monday, January 14, 2019