Mohd Danish on Sony SAB’s Pushpa Impossible-Wagle Ki Duniya Mahasangam track 'Gan Gan Ganpate Namah'

Says, “I feel honored to be the singer of this song.”

Mohd Danish on Sony SAB’s Pushpa Impossible-Wagle Ki Duniya Mahasangam track 'Gan Gan Ganpate Namah'
Mohd Danish.

•    What was your reaction when you got approached to sing for the Mahasangam?
o    When I first learned about the opportunity to sing for the Mahasangam of Sony SAB’s Wagle ki Duniya and Pushpa Impossible, I was thrilled! As I got to know more about this song and its composition, I fell in love with it and knew I had to be the one singing it. This opportunity to lend my voice to a song dedicated to Lord Ganesh makes me feel proud and blessed

•    Can you share some tidbits about what went into the making of this song?
o    I wasn’t in Mumbai when I was approached to sing the Mahasangam track so I flew down specially to record this. I have worked in the past with the composer Prashant Ji, so it was a fun experience to create music with him again. There were no hitches while recording as we were in sync and we managed to record the song in just 10 minutes.

•    How did you feel after listening to the finalized track, did it give you the goosebumps?
o    If I say this song is good it would be an understatement, as it’s extraordinary. Listening to the finished track was an other-worldly experience. I remember getting goosebumps, because its wonderful melody has a huge impact on how the song is eventually made. It is a perfect combination of all the elements that make up a great song, whether it's the lyrics, the meaning behind each word or the tune.

•    The song has garnered quite a popularity with people making reels using it on social media, how do you feel about this?
o    It’s great that the song is already garnering such a buzz and rightfully so! What’s not to like? It’s a brilliant song and it’s in the name of Ganpati Bappa. It’s truly an honor and a blessing to be the one singing it and being a part of this project.

•    What would you like to say to your fans?
o    The only way I can answer this question is by saying thank you! No matter how many times I thank my fans for their unbridled love, it is still not enough. I am grateful for your support and love and hope you continue doing so. I eagerly hope the song gains even more traction in the near future!