Mauka-E-Vardaat was one show that I just couldn’t refuse: Sapna Choudhary

The Haryanvi sensation has made a debut with &TV’s Mauka-E-Vardaat 

Mauka-E-Vardaat was one show that I just couldn’t refuse: Sapna Choudhary
Sapna Choudhary in &TV's Mauka-E-Vardaat.

An all-rounder personality and ultimate dance sensation, Sapna Choudhary has made a mark in the entertainment industry over the years. The Haryanvi sensation who has made a debut with &TV’s Mauka-E-Vardaat gets candid about the show and her role in detail.
•    You made a debut in a television series with Mauka-E-Vardaat? What prompted you to take up this show?

•    Every artist is always on the lookout for outstanding projects that will stand out and make a mark. I have always been very responsible about making the right choices when it comes to my career and, &TV’s Mauka-E-Vardaat was one show that I just couldn’t refuse. When I heard the concept narration and nature of the show, what caught my attention was the way the makers presented some of the most gruesome crimes. It was a huge responsibility in convincing people to believe in the most unimaginable and spine-chilling crime stories, hence I agreed to take up this challenge. 

•    Tell us about your role. What do you like about Mauka-E-Vardaat? 

•    Aap mujhe sutradhaar bol sakte hai. As you must have seen, I am giving a prelude into some of the most perplexing crime stories. I am proud to showcase myself as a strong headed woman who can talk about crime and criminals at a time when women are still considered to be the weaker gender and are refrained from raising their voices against what is wrong. I hope this helps people evolve and break out from the stereotype thinking. Also, the fact that in every episode of Mauka-E-Vardaat a woman protagonist helps in unravelling the mystery, solving these extraordinary crimes, makes it stand out even more.    

•    This show marked your debut in crime thriller. Since the genre was new to you any preparations you undertook for it?  

•    When it comes to preparations, mirror is my best friend. I often practice dialogue deliveries and expressions in front of the mirror. Hence to perfect my tone and expressions for this show, I did the same. Apart from this, I also focused on my voice modulations skills to engage the viewers.   

•    Any personal experience (current or past) of a crime or an unfortunate incidence you witnessed that made you more alert and vigilant as a citizen?  

•    I cannot say that I have come across hardcore crime cases but, there is one incident which has stuck with me till date. It opened my eyes where I soon learnt that intentions play a very important role in identifying any crime. I had a simple family living in my neighbourhood and nothing seemed off about them. Until one day, I was in utter shock knowing how the old couple went through years of verbal abuse at the hands of their daughter-in-law. It was shocking and the incident shook my overall belief system so much that it made me more vigilant about the people I surround myself with.

•    Crime-genre has always appealed the women audience across all age groups. What do you think could be a reason for this?  

•    The adrenaline rush and the feeling of what-happens-next remains relevant for audiences across genres. For all the ladies who are home makers, I feel crime shows are the biggest entertainer. It also helps them understand how safety is an integral part of life.  

•    How is motherhood treating you? 

•    I am on cloud 9 and the entire experience has been a surreal one. I am falling short of words to explain my happiness! Even though work takes up a major part of my day, I make sure to remove enough and more time to ensure my child receives the love and attention he needs. Also, my husband and immediate family members have been instrumental in making this journey smooth for me, I am grateful.     

•    Your message for the viewers/readers?  

•    Safety always comes first and in today’s fast paced life, we often tend to unknowingly ignore it. It is important to be vigilant as a crime doesn’t come with a face or a warning. Mauka-E-Vardaat was launched with the same purpose of making masses aware of the day-to-day shocking and unimaginable crimes taking place in and around them. I would also like to thank all our fans and viewers who have showered us with love and appreciation.