Manu is here to win hearts with his simplicity: Mohit Kumar about his character from Sony SAB’s Sab Satrangi

Says he will take this opportunity to thank his fans for continuously showering him with their immense love and support

Manu is here to win hearts with his simplicity: Mohit Kumar about his character from Sony SAB’s Sab Satrangi
Mohit Kumar as Manu from Sony SAB's Sab Satrangi.

•    How does it feel to be associated with Sony SAB’s Sab Satrangi?
•    It’s a surreal feeling. This is my first association with Sony SAB, and I am looking forward to a remarkable experience through my show Sab Satrangi. It is a learning curve, and as an artist, I couldn't have asked for anything better. It allows me to delve into my skills, strengthen them and showcase the facets of a new character. Sony SAB has always been a go-to place for viewers for light-hearted content, and I am sure with our show, we will add onto that feeling and consumer delight further. As a team, we are putting in our best efforts and I hope it all reflects on screen well for Sab Satrangi. Fingers crossed.

•    Share something about your character. What are you enjoying the most about it?
•    When I was told about my character and the storyline that will follow, I was surprised and also very excited. This is one special opportunity where a show allows me to perform a character that is so rare, loving and believes in the goodness of people. It's helping me explore finer nuances as an artist and experiment with Manu. As artists, we always strive to play characters that are beyond conventions and unlike the portrayals, we usually see on Television. Manu is one such role and I am delighted to play the part in Sab Satrangi.

•    How has been your experience of shooting for the show so far? Did you get a chance to meet and bond with the other cast members of the show? 
•    The experience of shooting with my on-screen family on-set has been excellent. My character on the show has a very loving family and it is always great to have one. They are very helpful, supportive and we are getting to know each other. We share a great bonding and are having a fantastic time shooting for the show. We enjoy portraying our characters and promise to deliver some remarkable work. 

•    How is Sab Satrangi different from the other shows on-air now?
•    To the viewers, Sab Satrangi will be like a breath of fresh air. The storyline is very different from what the audiences have watched on television so far. So, it will strike the right chord as it’s genuine, candid and something that will engage the viewers with its simplicity.

•    How are you preparing for your role?
•    To me, Manu’s character will always be close to my heart as it resonates with my father. During our briefing sessions, when I gradually started understanding my character, the thoughts of my father kept crossing my mind. In a way, I feel this is good fortune for me to have bagged this opportunity of playing a character just like my father. I guess I was destined to portray Manu as I have always wanted to imbibe my father’s mannerisms since my childhood. With Manu, all my energies are focused on learning the accent, understanding the correct body language and making it as real as possible. I have worked extremely hard on my character and hope that my fans will love watching Manu on screen.  

•    What do you think the audience will take away from SAB Satrangi?
•    I believe Manu will be every mother’s favourite son. His character will soon captivate the audiences and I am sure the Indian mothers will start rooting for him. He will be that character that will make every mother say - “beta ho toh aisa ho”. This character’s charm will make people fall in love with Manu and relate to his simplicity. I am enjoying myself and can assure you that Manu is here to win hearts. 

•    Any message for your fans?
•    I will take this opportunity to thank my fans for continuously showering me with their immense love and support. I can promise that Sab Satrangi will be worth the wait and can assure that Manu’s journey on the show will be a roller-coaster of emotions, with new dimensions and dynamics amplifying the entertainment quotient. So, stay tuned to Sony SAB and join the madness of this Atrangi family debuting on your screens soon.