Manipal Hospitals recognizes true champion this Republic Day

Pooja Bajaj, an accident survivor, proficient motorcyclist, and woman of strong resolve hoists the Indian flag at Manipal Hospitals

Manipal Hospitals recognizes true champion this Republic Day
Republic Day celebrations being held at Manipal Hospitals, Old Airport Road.

Bengaluru: Surgery does not stop the strong willed in pursuing their passion! This Republic Day, Manipal Hospitals honors Bengaluru based Ms. Pooja Bajaj, a self-driven, ardent motorcyclist, and entrepreneur who underwent a devastating surgery in Manipal Hospitals, Old Airport Road and bounced back on her feet to pursue her passion. 

Symbolizing that Life’s On, Pooja Bajaj was back on her bike within 26 days after facing a serious accident that crushed her entire collar bone. Her surgery was done only after 6 days at Manipal Hospitals, and multiple titanium plates, bolts & screws cover 85% of her right shoulder. Her passionate persona is sure to inspire the youth in taking all that life can throw and being perseverance to accomplish one’s dreams.

This Republic Day, Manipal Hospitals also highlights that India has proved yet again to the world that our country’s healthcare infrastructure is far superior and advanced than ever. Today, the country has another reason to celebrate, as the nation stands on par with the western countries in successfully developing and distributing a vaccine for the ongoing virus. 

On this special occasion, Dr Manish Rai, Hospital Director, Manipal Hospitals, Old Airport Road, stated, “This year’s Republic Day celebrations has a completely different sentiment compare to the previous years. With the outbreak of the pandemic last year, it left the country rattled and hesitant to even dream of a Republic Day celebration. With the successful vaccine roll out, today, we are delighted and honoured to celebrate our nation’s progress in the healthcare infrastructure and strength to face the global pandemic.”