Man with renal failure, Hepatitis B, C and HIV gets new lease of life

Man with renal failure, Hepatitis B, C and HIV gets new lease of life
Dr Raka ( left) and Dr Arvind ( middle).

Undergoes a successful ABO incompatible transplant at Ivy Hospital, Mohali  
Chandigarh, September 16, 2021: A 47 years man from Saharanpur suffering from the end stage of renal failure and having viral infections of Hepatitis B and C and HIV got a new lease of life after a successful ABO incompatible kidney transplant at IVY Hospital, Mohali on August 30 .
This is probably the first reported case in the country of ABO incompatible transplant in a patient positive for all three viruses-Hepatitis B, C and HIV.
Giving details, Dr. Raka Kaushal, Director-Nephrology and Renal Transplant Physician, IVY Hospital informed that the patient was found to have an end stage renal failure one year back. He had also acquired Hepatitis B, C and HIV infections over the years, she said.
During the patient's evaluation we realized that apart from medical issues, he did not have a blood group compatible donor in the family. His viral infections were first treated and he was put on maintenance doses of medications, said Dr Raka.
Kidney transplantation is not an absolute contraindication in patients with preexisting viral infections like Hepatitis B,C and HIV, yet such a setting is challenging and little explored due to medical difficulties, maintained Dr Raka.
Thereafter, Dr. Avinash Srivastava, Director- Urology and Renal Transplant Surgery at  IVY Hospital had a detailed discussion with the patient and his family and it was decided to go ahead with ABO incompatible kidney transplant with kidney donation from patient’s wife.
After due clearances and optimization of medicines for Hepatitis B,C,HIV , IVY followed our modified protocol and transplant was performed by the team of transplant surgeons including Dr Avinash Srivastava and Dr Nitin Aggarwal.
The patient was discharged with a fully functioning transplant kidney after 9 days of transplant surgery.
This is a landmark and is likely to encourage patients to opt for these extended treatment protocols when compatible donors are not available, said Dr. Kulwant Singh ,Consultant-Nephrology who was involved in the pre and post-operative care of the patient
Dr Kanwaldeep Kaur, Medical Director, Ivy Hospital, Mohali said that Ivy Hospital has always remained front runner in setting example in performing successful complicated surgeries in region. This successful ABO incompatible kidney transplant has only authenticated this claim, she maintained.