LPU organized covid-19 vaccination drive at its campus

The vaccination was provided ‘Free of Cost’ to the Staff Members

LPU organized covid-19 vaccination drive at its campus

Jalandhar: Prioritizing COVID vaccination for its employees, Lovely Professional University has stepped ahead from among the top educational institutions of the country to nip the pandemic in any further bursting out. LPU organized a massive Covid-19 Vaccination drive at Uni-Hospital, situated within the university campus, for its staff members.  On the day-one, 150 employees got vaccinated.

Perhaps, LPU stands among the first few educational institutions in the country to begin administering the direly required COVID-19 vaccines to faculty and staff. In this regard, the Human Resource Department at the university took initiative, and announced an online registration link for staff members, with necessary guidelines to be followed. The result is a massive immunizing drive against the pandemic at the campus. Maximum of the staff members volunteered and got registered.

By providing needed information about COVID-19 vaccination and establishing supportive policies and practices; LPU is helping increase vaccine uptake among its work-force. Although COVID-19 vaccine supply is currently limited, it was necessary to promote confidence in the self-decision to get vaccinated. Strong confidence in the vaccines within the workplace will certainly make more people getting vaccinated. It will ultimately lead to fewer COVID-19 illnesses, hospitalizations, and serious happenings.

Prior to this, wearing masks, keeping social distancing, and sanitisation were also compulsory for all staff members & visitors while being in the Campus, or for any movement from one to another office.   It is also still being strictly observed, from day-1 of implementation, by all students and staff including security-staff, maintenance/construction workers, gardeners and allied work-force.