Looking for Best Dedicated Server Plan?

Looking for Best Dedicated Server Plan?

A dedicated server hosting means that a server is dedicated to a single business customer who will have complete control of the server.  Hence one can access it without any glitch. The HostingRaja's technical team will be analyzing the machine's performance to improvise on it and upgrade the security if needed. A dedicated server is something everyone needs nowadays because of its countless security, speed, privacy, etc.

Why is HostingRaja reliable for dedicated server plan purchase?
The dedicated servers provided by HostingRaja have performed better than any other web hosting services because HostingRaja provides you with priceless physical security and quick technical support, and even if you don't know how to use a dedicated server hosting, don't worry HostingRaja delivers you with a step-by-step process that you can easily understand and implement. HostingRaja provides you with four plans: Basic, Value, Silver, and Gold dedicated servers. 
You can consider any plan which is suitable for your website and proceed with it accordingly. HostingRaja provides you an excellent Support Team that is well experienced and very helpful. They are also available through chat, and the chat representative responds to you very quickly if you are facing any issue(s). HostingRaja's dedicated servers include inbuilt server security and Hacking protection. It would be best if you also considered choosing HostingRaja's dedicated server hosting because they guarantee the website speed while other competitors may not ensure the speed rate.

HostingRaja provides you a dedicated server hosting package at an affordable price, including a free domain, free website optimization, free varnish service, and full root access. The dedicated server that HostingRaja provides you is a smart, dedicated server, and the others offer you a standard dedicated server. This is one of the many reasons to choose HostingRaja's dedicated server hosting services.
You will be having full access to your dedicated box in which you can use multiple email Ids as HostingRaja doesn't limit you with the no. of email addresses. You can host as many websites and have email addresses as per your need, and there are no restrictions. You will also have a discount on the purchase of the HostingRaja's dedicated server. The discount starts from 40% to 50% on all the plans and packages. 
HostingRaja has many impressive features, a kind, and incredible support team who will be ready all the time to resolve your issue(s). Currently, HostingRaja is one of the most secured server providers. HostingRaja provides you with a single IP address, and if you require more than one, you can contact their support team and purchase a new one.

There are four different types of dedicated web servers that HostingRaja provides for the best service choice, i.e., Basic, Value, Silver, and Gold, and all of these will last for up to one year. You will get an all-time ready support team with all the plans.
•    Basic: The Basic dedicated server provides a disk space of 512 GB and RAM of 6 GB, and HostingRaja provides one dedicated IP address. It also provides a real-time malware Injection Scan which keeps your server malware-free.  
•    Gold: The Gold dedicated server provides a disk space of 1000 GB and RAM of 32 GB, and HostingRaja provides one dedicated IP address.
•    Value: The Value dedicated server provides a disk space of 750 GB and RAM of 16 GB, And HostingRaja provides a single dedicated IP address.
•    Silver: The Silver dedicated server provides disk space of 1000 GB and RAM of 16 GB. The HostingRaja provides only 1 IP address.

1.    I have tried two other dedicated servers, but their speed was not very fast, and the customer support system took a lot of time to resolve and issue. Later I purchased the Value dedicated server hosting from HostingRaja, and the speed of very much better, and the support system was very much friendly.
2.    I have purchased the Basic dedicated servers, in the beginning to see how it will work out. I was impressed with the time taken by the support system and the installation. After a year of good service, I've shifted to a Gold dedicated server. I have loved HostingRaja's service due to their support and continuous cooperation which matters a lot for me.