‘Legs for Life’ Campaign started in Ivy Hospital on National Vascular Day

Screening Camp to avoid amputation, heart attack and stroke

‘Legs for Life’ Campaign started in Ivy Hospital on National Vascular Day
Dr Harinder Singh Bedi

Mohali, August 6, 2022: Today is National Vascular Day. Peripheral vascular disease (PVD) is a slowly progressive but easily preventable disorder which can lead to serious consequences like severe pain in the legs, inability to walk, gangrene, loss of limb and even death. It occurs due to blockage of the arteries with atherosclerosis. 

PVD affects 1 in 20 adults over 50 years of age – the total number of cases being over 42 million. More than ½ of those affected may not even know about the disease till it is too late. The disease can be very easily diagnosed by a painless screening test called an ankle-brachial index (ABI). If positive this is followed by an ultrasound of the arteries and an angiogram if indicated. The treatment for advanced cases is by ballooning or surgery. However, Dr Harinder Singh Bedi, MCh CTVS, Director, Cardio Vascular Endovascular & Thoracic Sciences, Ivy Hospital, Mohali, stressed that what was more important was the prevention of the disease by simple methods like regular exercise (30 min walk 4 times a week), prudent diet, control of weight, keeping cholesterol in check, avoidance of tobacco, check-up at regular intervals to look for and treat diabetes and high blood pressure.

Symptoms of PVD may include numbness, tingling, weakness, burning or aching in the leg. There may be a cooling or colour change and loss of hair on the legs. Rarely, there may be no obvious early symptoms. This was recently seen by Dr Bedi in an otherwise very active woman golfer of Punjab, who ended up with an amputation of part of the leg  as her first symptom was gangrene. The key is early detection and prevention, said Dr Bedi.