Leading AI company, Peak, continues its India expansion

With new job opportunities in Jaipur and Pune

Leading AI company, Peak, continues its India expansion

New Delhi: Fast-growing Artificial Intelligence (AI) company, Peak, continues its ambitious growth to become the world’s leading AI software provider. Peak, an international company, is expanding its team and software services across India, with offices based in Jaipur and Pune. The company offers AI software across retail, manufacturing, and consumer packaged goods, enabling businesses to embed AI at the centre of all commercial decision-making, resulting in high-profitability and improved efficiency. The commercial application of AI to optimize business performance is something Peak calls ‘Decision Intelligence’.

Peak’s AI software allows a broader range of companies to access supercharged AI technologies that were previously only accessible to a selected few, such as technology giants Google, Amazon and Netflix. Peak empowers businesses of all sizes to make great decisions with the help of AI across their sales, marketing, demand management, and supply chains. With a mission to enable businesses to do great things with their data, Peak’s customers have seen transformational results, including examples such as a 5% increase in total company revenues, a doubling of return on advertising spend, a 12% reduction in inventory holdings, and a 5% reduction in supply chain costs. These gains are adding millions to the top and bottom line of companies using Peak’s Decision Intelligence software.

Peak is now continuing its global expansion offering AI software to the Indian market. Peak has seen rapid growth over the past 12 months, with revenues doubling thanks to new customer wins in the UK, USA, Middle East, and India. Peak’s international and Indian customers include KFC, PepsiCo Inc, and JSW Cement.

Peak continues its accelerated growth plan for hiring Senior Software Engineers and Data Scientists, with expansion of the Jaipur team and a new office and opportunities in Pune, to meet the spike in demand. For many, joining Peak is the beginning of a career a journey where the sky's the limit - with plenty of opportunities for personal and career development.

Atul Sharma, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Peak said, “It’s becoming impossible to run a business without AI. Making critical decisions without AI would be like driving a Formula 1 car while wearing a blindfold. “Our Decision Intelligence software rapidly deploys AI solutions to help businesses harness the true potential of their data, thanks to its unique full-stack features. Peak’s software makes it incredibly straightforward for Data Scientists and Engineers to rapidly train and configure sophisticated AI and machine learning models, using a range of in-built tools.

“We have ambitious growth plans to expand our teams in India and we’re looking for great talent across our Jaipur and Pune offices to work with - there’s never been a better or more an exciting time for people to join Peak.”