Karanvir Sharma on his off-screen relationship with Manoj Joshi


Manoj Joshi and Karanvir Sharma in Sony SAB's Mangalam Dangalam.

Karanvir Sharma, who has recently been raking in the praise and rising in popularity for his roles in different web series, opens up about his off-screen relationship with veteran Bollywood and Television actor Manoj Joshi as since they have been shooting together for Sony SAB’s upcoming daily soap ‘Mangalam Dangalam – Kabhi Pyaar Kabhi Vaar'.

In the show, Karanvir Sharma will portray the role of a young man who will stop at nothing to woo his prospective father in law (Manoj Joshi), trying every trick in the book to convince the older man that he is best suited man to marry his beloved daughter. The show highlights the dynamics of the relationship between a son in law and his prospective father in law with a ‘tadka’ of quirkiness to it.

When asked about his relationship with Manoj Joshi, off-screen, Karanvir mentioned that he did not know anyone personally when they initially started shooting for the show. He went on to narrate his first impression of Manoj Joshi, saying, “When I first met Manoj Joshi, I found him to be a serious person, maybe because he did not want me to get too comfortable since he is playing the ‘Sasur’ in the show. However, now that we have opened up, he is like a father figure, and I keep taking his advice all the time while shooting together.” He also described Manoj Joshi to be a person who is young at heart.

Karanvir’s character, Arjun Kutty, is an ethical and sophisticated South Indian boy who does not believe in stereotypes. He, undoubtedly, impresses everyone with his wit and intelligence and is an ideal ‘boy next door’ image.

‘Mangalam Dangalam’ - Kabhi Pyaar Kabhi Vaar' goes on air from 13th November, every Monday to Friday at 7:30 PM only on Sony SAB.

Saturday, November 10, 2018