Karan Chhabra discusses inner beauty and objectification of women 

He does this with Deepika Padukone

Karan Chhabra discusses inner beauty and objectification of women 

Mumbai: “Do you feel there is a double standard for women. On one hand we say they need to be empowered yet on the other hand they are judged for their exterior beauty?”, asked TV host and actor Karan Singh Chhabra during his shoot with Bollywood actor Deepika Padukone for the Asian Variety Show telecasted globally on Sony TV and other international TV networks.  

The mega star promptly replied mentioning that there definitely is and this needs to change. Deepika and her team launched a new awareness campaign with a title that read #MuhDikhai 2.0 which is a rather different take on the traditional ceremony that reveals a bride’s face on the very next day of the wedding, #MuhDikhai 2.0 reclaims the idea of a woman’s beauty being associated with her looks.

“It was a wonderful experience chatting with Deepika Padukone whom now I have realized is very unfiltered about her views and it’s always great to know the journey of such achievers”, said Chhabra.

Apart from the chat show , Karan has been seen in films like Baazaar , Raabta , Funney Khan , chalk and duster and TV shows like Kulfi Kumaar Bajewala , Sabse Bada Kalakar etc and is currently shooting for upcoming web series The Siege 26 11 with Hollywood director Matthew Leutwyler.